YRKKH 6 Dec 2021 Written Update Episode 441: Akshara Saves Abhimanyu

YRKKH 6 Dec 2021 Written Update Episode 441 begins with akshara. Akshara standing in front of medical board and said to them Iam inside the room where ruby and abhi till the ruby went off the room. At that time ruby father shouts on akshara and asking to her are you girl friend of abhi. Then medical board member given warning to ruby father. After that medical board member asking to akshara do you any proof. Then akshara also asking to medical board member please asking to ruby she had any proof. Again ruby father my daughter never said false to the others.

Then akshara said if girls hurts with ego they can do anything. Abhi seen akshara said and akshara try to explain what happen inside the room. Again ruby father try to stops akshara. But akshara given counter to him and explain complete situation. After that ruby father asking to akshara why you are inside the abhi room and who are you to supports abhi. After that akshara nothing wrong if i am inside the room. Medical board member asking to akshara someone seen when ruby leaving the room she is crying and any proof do you have.

Akshara said i had a proof and i am recording everything what happen between ruby and abhi. At that time ruby shocked, Akshara asking to ruby may i send this video to medical board members. Ruby feels tension and akshara move forward and ruby asking to akshara please stop. After that ruby it’s my fault because he ignores me that’s why i am done this. After that akshara said i don’t have any proofs. Harsha and other family members shocked. Then akshara said i am confident because we can’t do anything wrong and ruby done wrong that’s why she feels tension.

After that ruby said sorry to abhi and akshara. Harsha think himself my hospital and my son is safe. Board members said sorry to abhi. After that abhi asking to board members please don’t informed to akshara name to the public. Akshara asking to the board members may i leave the room and board members said yes. Akshara leave the room and sit outside the room and crying. Kairav said to akshara may i bring something for you. At that that anand wife comes to akshara and given juice and said thanks.

After that abhi comes where akshara is their and anand wife asking to abhi let’s speaking with akshara. But akshara running away from abhi. At that time akshara slips and abhi catches her and abhi asking to please given me the answer for my question. To know upcoming YRKKH Updates follow zeal study online web portal.