YRKKH 28 May 2022 Written Update: Akshara learns about Neel’s adoption

YRKKH 28 May 2022 Written Update is abhimanyu wants to learn to play the guitar. He decides to enlist akshara’s help in playing the guitar. Rohan informs abhimanyu that rahmani’s son is requesting a follow-up. Abhimanyu remembers Rudra’s word. He asks Rohan to transfer Rudra to another hospital.Arohi is furious when he learns that Abhimanyu has banned Rudra from entering the hospital.

She says that as soon as Abhimanyu heard that Rudra had offered her a job, he felt unsafe and restricted her entry. Arohi decides to avenge Abhimanyu. Unforgiving stands up to neel about marking the significant papers. Neel expresses staff out there said he is from a similar family consequently he marked the papers. Harsh asks what the workers said.

Neel say staff said that he is Birla too in this way he can sign on the papers. Unforgiving shares with Neel dare he calls himself a Birla. He adds he is in the family yet he isn’t Birla by blood. Neel blows up. Brutal requests that Neel be cautious from next and recall his place. Neel leaves with the tears in his eyes. Manjiri stands mournful. Brutal requests that Manjiri get him tea.

Arohi gets maddened. Vansh brings ice cream for arohi. Arohi talks discourteously with Vansh. Vansh requests that Arohi keep her expert life isolated. Arohi calls Akshara. Akshara neglects to get the call. Neel cries. Akshara console Neel. Neel asks Akshara not to impart to Abhimanyu else he won’t stay silent. Akshara guarantees Neel. Neel says Harsh is right as he shouldn’t have marked the papers. Akshara asks Neel not to feel awful.

She encourages neel and says he is abhi’s and manjiri’s number one and has all the authority as family loves him similarly. Akshara requests that neel think of her as companion as well. Neel leaves the spot. Manjiri suppose if by some stroke of good luck she would have boldness to come clean. Akshara catchs Manjiri. She tells to Manjiri that she has a thought regarding the reception. Manjiri gets anxious. Manjiri requests that Akshara avoid her own life. Akshara faculties Manjiri is concealing something. She think more than angry, Manjiri is frightened.

A while later, Akshara sees abhimanyu is worn out. Abhimanyu share talk with parth. Akshara choose to accomplish something from Abhimanyu. She plan delicate cushion for Abhimanyu. Abhimanyu gets intrigued. Akshara accepts Arohi’s call. Arohi flies off the handle at Abhimanyu for meddling in her life. She informs Akshara concerning Rudra. Akshara attempts to cause Arohi to comprehend that Abhimanyu would have some honest goal behind preventing her from joining Rudra’s medical clinic.

Arohi gets goaded with Akshara. She chooses to get a chance to retaliate for Abhimanyu. Akshara sees abhimanyu’s childhood photo. He recalls a photo in the adoption papers and doubts what abhimanyu did with manjiri instead of neel in the photo. Akshara remembers abhimanyu’s promise to stay away from family troubles.