YRKKH 21 April 2022 Written Update: Mahima cancel akshara, abhi wedding

YRKKH 21 April 2022 Written Update is Arohi asks Akshara if she is nice as she is scared. She asks if Abhimanyu stated some thing to her. Akshara stands teary. Kairav, Reem takes Akshara with them. Arohi fear what has came about to Akshara. Manjiri guard Akshara. Abhimaynu refuse to guide Akshara, Arohi. Manjiri says akshara desired to inform him the fact, how does it count number if it doesn’t reach him. She add at the musical branch inauguration, when akshara hugged her she decoded she is stressed. Manjiri keep abhimanyu accountable. She upload akshara hide her truth from him because of him. Abhimanyu says to manjiri that akshara ruin his trust. Manjiri yet guard akshara. Abhimanyu determine to call off his wedding with akshara.

Shefali, Nishtha, Parth and Neel acclaim Akshara. Akshara sit tight for Abhimanyu. Manjiri inquires as to whether canceling the wedding is his last choice. She choose to apologize to Goenka’s and cancel the wedding. Abhimanyu says Arohi needs to get rebuffed. At Goenka house everybody gets stunned seeing police. Akshara think Abhimanyu send police to get Arohi captured. Manish asks the examiner the justification behind the visit. Cruel, Mahima and Anand goes into the house and illuminate Manish that the investigator is hanging around for Arohi and Akshara.

YRKKH 21 April 2022 Written Update

Harsh reveals Manjiri’s accident and says that in the hit-and-run case, the inspector is here to arrest the two girls. Goenka confronts Akshara, Arohi. Arohi, Akshara is silent. Suhasini is concerned. Akshara reveals to Manish that Harsh is right.Manish gets mad at Akshara, Arohi for hiding the truth. Kairav, Akhliesh blame Akshara, Arohi. Harsh decides to punish Akshara and Arohi. Akshara tries to explain, Mahima Anand refuses to listen. Goenkas asks Birla to let the girls talk.Mahima and Harsh crash the wedding. Anand supports Mahima.

Mahima asks inspector to arrest the women. Akshara make an apology to manjiri put up she arrives. Harsh asks who amid akshara, arohi become using the auto. Akshara takes the blame on herself. Mahima says culprit need to get punished so that everybody can examine none can’t genuinely hit and run on avenue. She declares arohi’s license to get cancelled too. Arohi breaks down and make an apology. Harsh asks inspector to arrest akshara. Akshara approximately to fall. Abhimanyu catches her at the nick of the time. Akshara receives satisfied seeing abhimanyu.