YRKKH 15 August 2022 Written Update: Anisha attempts suicide

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai YRKKH 15 August 2022 Written Update is Abhimanyu asks Kairav what is the issue. He inquires as to whether he has done any misstep. Kairav cancels his wedding with Anisha and dazes everybody. Abhimanyu requests that Kairav give an explanation. Mahima also requests that Kairav tell the explanation. Kairav requests that everybody defy Anisha. He leaves. Anisha asks Kairav not to leave her else she will bite the dust. Goenkas and Birlas stand shocked. Abhimanyu asks Anisha what occurred among her and Kairav. He inquires as to whether they had a battle. Anisha gets profound.

Abhimanyu requests that Anisha make some noise. Anisha checks Akshara out. Abhimanyu requests that Anisha tell the explanation. Anisha says Kairav will return and she will bring him back. Anisha goes to bring Kairav. Mahima charges Goenkas for the wreck. She inquires as to whether they requested that Kairav leave. Parth says Kairav responded last day as well. Harsh says Anisha was dealing with her wedding and was prepared to acknowledge all the conditions then what happened out of nowhere. Goenkas and Birlas contend with one another. Kairav requests that Anisha come clean before it gets late. Anisha requests that Kairav guarantee her he won’t break the union else she will pass on.

Kairav goes distraught at Anisha. He requests that Anisha come clean to their families. Anisha gets unyielding. She requests that Kairav support her and hold on until she illuminates the family. Anisha argues Kairav not to leave her. Kairav leaves. Abhimanyu requests that Akshara determine what has occurred as he is certain she knows well. He tells Akshara that he realizes she would rather not pressure him yet her quiet is focusing on him more. Akshara shares with Abhimanyu that it will be great assuming Kairav and Anisha come clean. Somewhere else, Anisha take steps to leap off from the patio. Kairav attempts to save Anisha. Anisha tumbles down.

Abhimanyu discover that Kairav took Anisha to the medical clinic. Goenkas and Birlas hurry to the clinic. Anisha dies. Abhimanyu charge Kairav for killing Anisha. Kairav tells Abhimanyu that he isn’t to blame. He says Anisha’s foot got slipped. He attempts to effectively defend himself. Akshara side Kairav. A man out there tells that he is an observer of Anisha and Kairav’s battle. He charges Kairav for Anisha’s passing. Abhimanyu blows up. Mahima charges Kairav for killing Anisha. Manish says Kairav can’t kill Anisha. Abhimanyu going to beat Kairav however Akshara in the middle between. Akshara tells Abhimanyu that Kairav isn’t to blame. Mahima slaps Kairav. Anand, Parth, Harsh denounces Kairav for Anisha’s passing. Akshara requests that everybody quit battling as they are harming Anisha’s spirit.