YRKKH 1 Dec 2021 Written Update: Abhi discovers akshara in his room

YRKKH 1 Dec 2021 Written Update begins with Abhi searching for askhara. But akshara come outside and says thank you god and abhi and other family members so happy. After that abhi searching for akshara and reached cctv room and asking to guards may i check the cctv footage but guards cctv not working because systems effecting with virus. The abhi angry on guards and why this cctv if unable to work. After that harsha comes to manjiri and scolds her and says no need to sing again. Manjiri says sorry. Then anand comes to manjiri and says well done and says we are all surprised when you start singing.

After that nishta, neil and parth comes to manjiri and hugs. Manjiri asking to parth where is abhi, Parth says he his doctor may be he got a new case and asking to them let’s go from here. When manjiri leaves abhi said to her abhi sense akshara is here. Manjiri shocked and asking to neil he meet each other. Neil says no, Manjiri pray to the god both are never meet. Abhi open the doors of gifts room, askhara seen abhi presence and hid herself. When abhi reached the room changed his dress, akshara think herself i will struck here. Suddenly abhi move forward and searching for something. At that time ruby comes to abhi room and says looking good, akshara feels jealous and abhi asking to ruby let’s leave the room.

After that akshara think herself what happen to myself he his abhimanyu. Ruby holds abhi hands and abhi asking to ruby please leave the room. Ruby said i will come here to celebrate your birthday. Abhi says i don’t like you and i love someone. Akshara listen abhi words and feels happy. Again abhi asking to ruby let’s leave my room and ruby leave the room. Akshara remember abhi words. Abhi think himself akshara near to me. Akshara feels tension when he started searching. Finally abhi seen akshara in his room. At that time akshara feels tension, abhi holds akshara when she fallen. Later neel admits to abhimanyu that akshara planned his birthday surprise. To know upcoming episode spoilers/ twist follow zeal study online web portal.