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YRHPK 7 Oct 2020 Written Update: Varsha asking to kuhu leave the house


YRHPK 7 Oct 2020 Written Update begins with abir said to kunal because of mom kuhu did this. But kunal can’t listen his brother voice, asking to kuhu you said to me i will become surrogate mother because of mishti & abir but why did you do this, why you fight with mishti everyday. Then kuhu said sorry to mishti, abir, asking to forgive

Abir said to kunal just listen what i am saying kuhu did this because of mom. At that time varsha comes to rajvanshi house, said to kunal what abir said is right. Meenakshi try to stops varsha voice but she said to meenakshi please slowdown your voice, said to her kunal ka beta is ghar ka asli varas nai ban saktha.

Also, varsha said to meenakshi because of relationship values i will keep quit for all these days but now our relationship end today. Kuhu asking to her mother please stop it but varsha asking to kuhu must leave this house and come with me. But kuhu don’t accepts varsha decision, Varsha forcely taken kuhu to her home.


Mishti said to kunal please asking to kuhu don’t leave the house but kunal stands silently. Abir said to mishti come with me we will speak with varsha aunty. Kuhu said sorry to varsha but varsha can’t listen anything which is said by kuhu. Also varsha said to kuhu iam angry on you because you don’t listen my words about surrogacy, you every time blame both abir and mishti.

Both abir, mishti, meenakshi try to stop varsha, kuhu when leaves the house. But varsha leaves the house along with kuhu. Kunal said sorry to mishbir. Abir phone to someone and asking to him you must done this for me other wise i will hire someone.

Mishti asking to abir who speaks with you. Abir don’t say anything to mishti. Other end kuhu dreamed about kunal asking to her divorce. Meenakshi asking to kunal what iam done wrong for you


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