YRHPK 22nd September 2020 Written Update: Abir, Mishti make fun of abir kunal

YRHPK 22nd September 2020 Written Update begins with abir. Abir acts like tana ji and said to mishti don’t feel fear. Later mishti holds selfi stick and record what abir did, says to abir i will recognized you. Nidhi brings the tea, meenakshi asking to koshlu must updates the 50 lakh fixed deposit bank account. Nidhi asking to her husband must know the who’s name on this fixed deposit when he went to bank. Abir, Mishti went to kitchen, Parul asking to them what are you doing. Abir says special for kuhu. Parul says ok i will asking to kunal, kuhu to come to kitchen. Later mishti said to sorry to abir, Meenakshi listen what mishbir speaks together. Once abir identifying his mom meenakshi given prasad to abir but he negotiate, Mishti taken prasad.

Koshlu come to the kitchen from bank, Handover fixed deposit transfer form to meenakshi. Abir listen what koshlu said, Meenakshi recognized abir intension to changed his mind said to koshlu i am informed you to bring FD Renewal form not transfer form. Koshlu says ok i will bring another form but meenakshi asking him ok no problem.

Mishti phone to rajshri. Rajshri lift the phone asking to mishti how are you. Mishti says fine, Later mishti asking to rajshri about smoothie is it safe for kuhu or not. Rajshri says it’s fine for kuhu. When rajshri speaks with mishti varsha listen silently. Then rajshri cut the phone call, said to varsha i will prepared sweets for kuhu and sent to her. Varsha asking to rajshri mom do you think what kuhu did it’s right for you. Rajshri says it’s right or not but she is become a mother. So must remember one thing you must speak with your daughter.

Kuhu think about modeling contract when coming to downstairs and slips suddenly. Mishti hold her hands, Kuhu asking to where is mom. Mishti says she went to bank. Abir asking to kuhu are you ok. Kuhu says yes iam alright. Later kunal coming to abir and said to him i will speak with you. Abir asking what, Kunal says i feel tension about kuhu health. Later abir asking to kunal do you have trimmer. He said yes

Other end kuhu eat to breakfast. Suddenly koshlu singing and performing dance. Later all the family members performance piya piya o piya song. Abir, Kunal also joined with koshlu. Later kuhu acts as a kunal and mishti acts a abir. both kunal and abir stunned.