YRHPK 22 July 2020 Written Update: Check mishti seen photo or not

YRHPK 22 July 2020 Written Update Episode 8. Yeh Rishtey Hain Pyaar Ke Updates i.e what abir did to stop misthi from seeing varun’s brother photo, what abir try to saying to mishti and why kuhu call to ketki and what jugnu did at abir home he his on abir laptop or not, what jugnu said about letter check below

As per the latest Yeh Rishtey Hain Pyaar 22 July 2020 Promo abir think him self ” i have to stop mishti from seeing that photo. Later abir hit hard his hand on wall for stop mishti to seeing varun brother photo. After that abir try to saying something to mishti. If you know what happen in Episode 8 Season 2 check complete written update provided soon keep follow zeal study.

YRHPK 22 July 2020 Written Update

Yeh Rishtey Hain Pyaar Ke 22 July 2020 starts with varun comes to his room and try to give medicine. At that time abir trying to stop misthi from seeing varun brother, then hit his hand on wall. Then mishti ask abir what happen, check what happen to abir. Then abir says to mishti nothing happen let’s go to hospital. After that Jugnu try to open abir later. But suddenly nidhi came to abir room and ask jugnu what did you do in abir room, bring parul and kuhu to abir room and said jugnu did something with abir laptop.

Later nidhi asked to kuhu please open abir laptop, check what jugnu did. But once kuhu open the laptop she finds some photos. After that misthi ask to abir you said to me we are meet the doctor. But abir said something to misthi. Later varun came to ketki home to drop her. Then misthi ask to abir what happen please said to me. Then abir said you can not meet you that guy (misthi hits a guy) family. Then meenakshi ask to parul regarding abir. Suddenly varun mother call to meenakshi, said we love ketki very much and next month varun went to america before that we can celebrate this marriage. Later meenakshi said to varun mother once i will ask abir and kuhu and other family then inform you. After ketki father ask to abir varun is correct matching for ketki or not.

After that misthi think her self what happen to abir. But suddenly she find kuhu in her room. Then misthi ask kuhu what to do here. Then kuhu replay to misthi something rude. Then misthi said just leave from my room and recall what happen previously.