YJHJK Yeh Jadu Hai Jinn Ka 29 August 2020 Written Update: Shayari Jinn Shikari

YJHJK Yeh Jadu Hai Jinn Ka 29 August 2020 Written Update Telly Update Spoiler begins with roshini went outside but aman close the door. Then aman asking to roshini i will said to you already dont go outside but you can’t listen to me. At that time roshini type women appeared aman gets shocked. To know the what happen to roshini, How aman saves roshini life and What rehan do for shayari? check complete today episode written story below. Follow zealstudy.in for latest telly updates i.e Hindi Serials, Movie Reviews, Trailers Info.

Yeh Jadu Hai Jinn Ka 29 August 2020 Written Update

Season 2 Episode 30 begins with Roshini starts crying to hold her baby bump, speaks with herself what i am do, If anything happen to you i can’t live and asking to god please shown the way to win against jinn. Other end shayari went to outside. Rehan seen her and stops, asking her where are you going. Shayari says outside, Rehan asking why did you came here. Shayari replay to him to help roshini. Then rehan says i know the truth your jinn shikari. Shayari says you think galat samjha but rehan asking once again to shayari tum jinn shikari. Finally shayari accepted thr truth (jinn shikari).

YJHJK 29 August 2020 Written Update

Rehan asking to shayari where is my brother, what happen to my brother. Other end first ayana appeared as it is roshini. Roshini seen her says hai. Shayari says i can’t do anything to you brother. Rehan asking to her so you know my brother. Then shayari says your brother behaving very badly with me at that time i am escape from your brother that’s the truth. But rehan asking to shayari where is my brother. Shayari says please trust me i don’t know where he is, mein uske sath kuch nahi kiya. Rehan asking to shayari kisne kiya. But mahira says natasha name. Rehan and shayari gets shocked what mahira says.

Other end roshini asking to ayana why did you came here. First Ayana says i will came here to save your baby and created magic layer and said from now onwards jinn can’t listen to you. Rehan asking to mahira how did you know. Mahira says natasha hypnotize me to kill you. Rehan asking where is natasha, Mahira says come with me i will show you and went to hidden room but bottle broken.

Ayana says i will be in your place and you go to forest and delivered your baby. Roshini accepted and says jinn wanted my baby not me. When both ayana, roshini speaks with each other jinn stand outside the house. Rehan asking to mahira how she come outside from the bottle. Then shayari says i will leave from your house and your hearts .

Later all the family members get the message, Mahira asking to shayari now roshini need your help. All the family members ready to bewakoof to jinn and gets his dagger and rehan apply his magic on jinn. After that tabeezi says our plan is we are all stay together and fight against on jinn.

Then aman asking to roshini please cover youself with veil and went outside, Jinn stand outside looking for roshini. At that shayari, rehan apply magics on jinn, Aman use his magic and fly from his house but suddenly jinn hold the car, asking to roshini go to your home.