Yeh Jadu Hai Jinn Ka 22 August 2020 Written Update: Shayari Sacrifice For Mahira

Yeh Jadu Hain Jinn Ka 22 August 2020 Written Update begins with roshi says aman no problem for zidra and you. But aman says jinn must come for me, asking to roshini why jinn came here. Later aman think himself kala jinn came for our baby, I think he know about our baby. Roshini starts crying, Aman asks to roshini please stop crying i will searching for way to stops jinn.

Roshini asks aman what are you doing now, Aman says you take care of out baby i will see everything what happen to our baby and yourself, Shayari asking to mahira stops crying and asking her who is that person. Mahira said everything to shayari and about farhaan. Farhann is my second brother he his missing, last 8 years rehan searching for him & rehan bhai do this engagement with you. Rehan thinks because of this engagement farhaan return to home, asking to shayari don’t say anybody what happen now here.

Yeh Jadu Hai Jinn Ka 22 August 2020 Written Update

Roshini searching for aman, phone to tabeezi says to her about aman. Aman open the dark room, open the box which consist broken lamp then use his magical powers attache the pieces into one, think him self how to stops jinn. Roshini finally find where aman cut the phone conversion with tabeezi.

Rehan read the news paper cover page, flip the next page then he seen engagement photo & think him self this news must read farhan. Then shayari meet the rehan and said something about mahira but she seen mahira speaks with those people who give 9 lakhs to farhaan & went from rehan room to meet shayari. Aman read the books how to stops the jinn. Then shayari meets mahira at the same time anjum came that side and asking who is these guys but shayari manages situation and saves mahira

YJHJK 22 August 2020

Roshini meets aman. Aman asking to roshini why you came here, Roshini asking to him i will call the jinn but aman can’t accepted but roshini convince him. Then shayari asking to people who gave amount to faarhan why you came here. Those guys say we came here to collect the money then shayari given the engagement ring to them said we return the money within 10 days.

After that Roshini plant small leaf to bring back the ayana, spell the magic words to raise the tree. Then after leaf turned into a tree and soul of ayana appeared. At that time roshini asking to ayana please help him and her husband aman & soul of first ayana accepted what roshini asking