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YJHJK 9 November 2020 Written Update Telly Update: Tabeezi Evil Motive


YJHJK 9 November 2020 Written Update for Season 2 Episode 91. Today’s episode begins with roshni said to salma everything went to wrong and crying, said to her mom every time arman life in danger. Salama says don’t feel bad roshni this time you will won. Aman speaks with jinn, Jinn says your family needs you but stay in the mirror. Roshni says to salam if aman know about araman he feels good and remembered how he his take care of arman previously.

After that baby baazigar brings food to roshni. Roshni went to mirror and says speaks with aman and informed about pregnancy. Aman says don’t crying roshni, After that roshni speaks with baby baazigar don’t leave arman alone. Rehan comes to outside and creats magic layer around the house. Shayari holds her phone and seen time. At outside rehan waiting for shayari, speaks with himself how to speak with shayari. At that time rehan turns backside.

Later shayari comes to garden and waiting for rehan. After that tabeezi comes to arman room and holds baby baazigar in cage, speaks with arman and said i will cut your relationship with your mom and dad, spread magic water on arman forehead. Other end shayari waiting for rehan &recognized rehan’s magic stick and phone, think herself rehan life in danger.


After that shayari informed to daadi about rehan. Daadi says i think he went to outside. Shayari says but he leaves his magic stick, phone. Salma says i think tabeezi done something to rehan. Daadi says must searching for rehan. Aman listen daadi voice and think himself this is tabeezi trap. Roshni says till soonary suraz tabeezi can’t do anything to me.

Both roshni, shayari went to outside for searching for rehan and reached tabeezi house. Shayari says tabeezi not yet tabeezi house. After that shayari recognized magic boxes but suddenly shayari went inside the box. After that both rehan, shayari meets at one place, Rehan says we are kidnapped. Later aman asking ilmi jinn how to went outside, jinn says sifrthi heera.


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