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YJHJK 7th November 2020 Written Update Serial Full Episode 90 (Today)


YJHJK 7th November 2020 Written Update for today episode 90 available now. Full Episode released on Disney Plus Hotstar App for premium subscription members. Today episode started sahayari and other family members waiting for roshni. Then roshni comes to khan house. After that daadi, rehan asking about aman. Roshni said he can’t come. At that time daadi asking to we returned ilmi jinn but how to happens. Roshni informed to daadi because of tabeezi. Shayari says because of tabeezi natasha send red spiders.

Rehan said we done big mistake to trust tabeezi & he says she promised us can’t do anything for our family but why she did this. Shayari says she breaks the promise. Rehan says don’t feel bad bhabi i will kill tabeezi. Khani family says don’t do that because tabeezi to do anything aman. Daadi says we don’t have ilmi jinn and rehan powers. Roshni says we are all spend together. Other end tabeezi thinks i will kill your family roshni before your death, Also, tabeezi think how i kill khan family.


After that tabeezi holds jumruh dress and keys. Later tabeezi decided to open jinn ka jahnam ka darwaz and finally reached where the darwaz and open the doors, went inside the doors. Roshni gets stomach pains and shouts mom and daadi. Salam reached the roshni room asking to what happen. Roshni says because kidney operation i will get pain. Daadi asking what happen. Salam says roshni given kidney to parveen. Other end tabeezi comeoutside from jinn ka jahnam darawa along with boxes.

Daadi said to roshni you are good girl and aman is very luck to have you. Aman listen everything from mirror. After that roshni informed to khan family about her pregnancy. Shayari and rehan asking to roshni what happen. Aman sister informed to them roshni, aman once again become mom and dad. After that tabeezi open the boxes


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