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YJHJK 6 November 2020 Written Update: Roshni, Rehan gets vital clue


YJHJK 6 November 2020 Written Update. Yeh Jadu Hai Jin Ka 6 Nov 2020 Full Episode story begins with roshni. Queen Spider comes to roshni side. At that time daadi thrown magic book in front roshni at that time rani spider returned their way. Natasha said to his pet let’s informed me what happen at khan house. Later spiders reached natasha.

Natasha asking to spiders what are you doing her but spiders killed natasha. At khan house daadi thanks to god to save arman and asking to rehan you must save aman. Later shayari recognized natasha send spiders to kill arman. Roshni said to khan family how we can save khan baba and crying in front of rehan, daadi.

Also roshni said one after one we are all facing problems because of that arman can’t get mom and dad love. Rehan said bhabhi don’t feel bad i will try to save bhai. Later tabeezi reached natasha place and recognized natasha also dead, both roshni and rehan try to save aman. So i will stop both roshni, rehan.


Rehan says aman bhai still contact with us so we sent ilmi jinn into mirror. Rehan try to sent jinn into mirror but not happen. After that roshni, rehan and sahayari went to aman library room. At that time tabeezi appreared the library and taken ilmi jinn with the help magic door.

Rehan and sahayari searching for ilmi jinn wala mirror, tabeezi says to aman you have only few hours left. After that ilmi jinn try to destroy the mirror, this time roshni try to send ilmi jinn into mirror and successesed. Shayari said we sent ilmi jinn into mirror but why aman bhai can not return from mirror. Roshni crying and asking to shayari where is my aman. Rehan said i think bhai not safe. For mor updates follow zeal study


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