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YJHJK 21st September 2020 Written Update: Jahannam Jinn Spot in pool

YJHJK 21st September 2020 Written Update begins jahannam door. Aman asking to tabeezi what is it. Tabeezi says it’s jinn jahannam door. Shayari says it’s open and Roshni says let’s we close the door. Tabeezi says roshni isn’t closed, if jinn comes from this door it’s difficult to stop. Aman says it’s difficult but we must stop. Rehan asking to his brother how. Aman says let’s follow the water. All the family members follow the water, went to the swimming pool. Once reached the pool roshni says can not find here. Shayari says jahannam jinn is to danger. Roshni says ok and asking to everyone search for diffrent areas.

Aman leaves the pool, suddenly some noise. Roshni says what happen, Tabeezi says do you think jinn inside swimming pool. Aman says yes and use his magic on the pool. Later water bobble appeared. Daadi, Salma and other family members shocked. Aman use his magic come out the bobble from swimming pool. Later jahannam jinn appeared, every one shocked. After that daadi seen jahannam jinn she is lash hei. Aman seen her and says she is still alive. Tabeezi says in under water humans not alive but jinn live in water and says she is jinn. After that aman asking to rehan please bring her room. Rehan says it’s ok

Shayari says do not trust her. Roshni says what shayari says is right. After that tabeezi says she is jahannam jinn don’t trust her. Later aman cages the jinn. After that aman thinking how did come here. Later aman says i will do something to jahannam door and apply his magic on the frez. First attempt his magic can’t work and second attempt it’s working, close the door. Later rehan, shayari brings steal chains to close the door

Oher end roshni playing with her baby, Aman seen the roshni, smiles. At that time jahannam jinn wakeup on the bed and asking to i want one glass water. Salma comes to the room, jinn asking to salma please bring glass of water. Salma fill the glass with water and given to the jinn. Jinn says thanks. Later jinn bath with one glass water. After that jinn changed as mermaid and leaves the home. Later salma informed to khan. Aman asking to salma what happen. Salma explains everything.

After that aman finds jinn at swimming pool, Asking to why you came here. But jinn says nothing. Later khan family think why she came here. At that time rehan employee comes to the house, he think rehan at pool. Jinn spread the water around pool and hide in the pool. Rehan employee when foot on the water he died