YJHJK 19th September 2020 Written Update: Aman, Roshni Failed to kill Jinn

YJHJK 19th September 2020 Written Update begins with aman, roshni asking to arman to kill jinn. Jinn says this child had powers but he don’t how to use it. Rehan, Roshni, Shayari, Aman use their powers to kill jinn but they all are failed kill jinn in first attempt.

Jinn trample with his legs to arman but roshni use with her magics saved arman. Later arman use powers kill the jinn. But jinn smiles & says you can not kill me. Shayari recognized jinn heart still a live, When his heart mixed jinn body shayari use her magic thread hold the heart, Aman use his dagger, destroy the heart, Jinn says you cheat me. Aman, Roshni thinks jinn died.

YJHJK 19th September 2020 Written Update

Jinn said aman you can’t kill me with your dagger because it’s not your son weapon and said only arman used the weapon if he killed me. Arman use his magics and destroy the jinn heart and finally arman killed kala jinn.

Aman, Roshni, Rehan, Shayari smiled for kala jinn death. After that Rehan says thanks to shayari to help his family and they are all returned to home. Once they returned the home daadi, salma, tabeezi feels happy to seen the arman

Daadi says arman age just one month but he killed jinn and correct the all mistakes which is done by his grand father. Shayari says when roshni, aman in troubles arman feels his mom and dad trouble, activate the his powers to kill the jinn

Roshni asking to tabeezi i don’t understand why jinn smiles when he died. Shayari says he is mad that’s why he smiled. Aman says i don’t think to kill jinn. After that khan family think to celebrate the moment. Both daadi, salma performing dance suddenly lights blinked aman and other family members are shocked and went outside to seen what happen outside. Once they went outside ilmi jinn appeared. Tabeezi seen the book and said to khan family jinn opens the doors of jinn ka jan darwaza.