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YJHJK 10 November 2020 Written Update: Khan Baba Return To Home


YJHJK 10 November 2020 Written Update begins with roshni crying and said about shayari life in danger. Daadi, Salma says don’t feel bad roshni. At that time tabeezi holds arman, comes to roshni. Roshni, Daadi asking to tabeezi return arman to me. Tabeezi says don’t come to me other wise arman life in danger. Salma asking to tabeezi you holds baby and try to cheat me. Roshni asking to tabeezi please given arman to me, went to tabeezi. At that time tabeezi use her magic on roshni but because roshni ring don’t happen to her, Magic reflect on mirror because of ring.

Salma angry on tabeezi, Tabeezi says i don’t do anything, everything arman did. Tabeezi asking to roshni please come with me. Daadi, Salma says no. At that time tabeezi said to arman let’s trap your mom and arman did what tabeezi says. Then roshni says sorry khan baba at that time aman appeared in khan house and remove the trap. Roshni, Salma, Daadi feels happy and all the family hugs aman. Tabeezi think herself how aman comeout from mirror.

Rehan said to sahayari please listen to me i will save you from makhdi jinn. Makhdi jinn says you can’t do me. Rehan asking to shayari please fight with jinn but shayari fallen on the floor. Other end aman says till we are united you can’t to anything. After that tabeezi asking to aman how you come outside from the mirror. Aman says do you think iam still in the mirror.


Tabeezi asking to arman go to your mom. Roshni, Aman try to holds arman but arman use magic on mom and dad. Tabeezi says he is not kid. Roshni, Aman asking to arman please come to me. But tabeezi comeout from khan with the help of magic door.

Later rehan asking to shayari please wakeup because you know what iam thinking, please seen to me. Shayari open eyes and seen rehan. Rehan asking to her please try to given your hands to me. Shayari given hands to rehan and rehan come out from cage. Shayari asking to rehan what are your saying to me. Rehan smiles. At that time tabeezi reached where rehan, shayari is. Aman said to about junmun. Shayari asking to tabeezi why arman with you. Tabeezi says he kills you


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