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YHC Yeh Hai Chahatein 22 February 2021 Written Update: Preesha Master Plan Helps To Catche Bhuvan Finally

YHC Yeh Hai Chahatein 22 February 2021 Episode Begins with Ahana, Preesha reached the location where police is. Once reached the location lorry driver who helps rudra explains what happens when rudra asking help to him Then preesha asking to rudra why you call lorry driver. Rudra said because he explains the truth to police, Ahana asking to rudra please taken us where you will get conscious. Then rudra taken ahana, preesha and inspector where he gets concisous. After that preesha asking to rudra do you remembered who will brings you to here, Rudra said no. After that preesha, rudra seperated from inspector, ahana to searching for fake rudraksh.

After that rudra, preesha reached the road, preesha asking to rudra do you remembered anything. Other end ahana, inspector also met them and discussing how to catche fake rudraksh. Inspector asking to rudra, preesha, ahana we retutn to delhi because it’s time waste process but preesha said no and searching for fake rudraksh. Later ahana, rudra, ahana try to leave the road and preesha asking to them please stop and went to pani puri shop. Ahana asking to preesha why you did this but can not listen ahana words and ordered pani puri and asking to rudra please eat this and said to me is this same when fake rudraksh given to you.

Then rudra taste pani puri and said to preesha it’s same. After that shop owner asking to rudra sir today you come early, Preesha asking to shop owner do you know him. Shop owner says yes because he his our regular customer and daily come to my shop at 3.00 PM so how can i forget him. Then preesha, ahana, rudra and inspector ready to catches fake rudraksh. Other end fake rudraksh come to the shop and asking to shop owner please given my order. But shop owner said to him you will few minutes ago. Then fake rudraksh realised but rudra catched him and said to him your game end today.

After that rudraksh asking to fake one why you killed my father and beaten him in front of police but police asking to rudra please leave him and asking to fake rudra help me to find mahima. After that police asking to fake one taken us to where you hides rudra when you kidnaped him. But fake one do not said anything and preesha asking to inspector shoot him. At that time bhuvan accepts what inspector asking. Finally bhuvan shown to inspector where he hinds rudraksh at the time of kidnaping. Rudraksh said to preesha this is the place. After that inspector asking to bhuvan who told you to kidnaps rudraksh. But bhuvan can not said anything to inspector.

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