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YHC Yeh Hai Chahatein 20 February 2021 Written Update: Preesha Helps to Police Inspector to Catches Yuvraj

YHC (Yeh Hai Chahatein) 20 February 2021 Episode begins with preesha said to ahana and doctor let’s leave the room at any cost and decided to escape from the house through windows. Once escape from the house doctor said to preesha at any cost mahima can not leave me alive. Ahana said to doctor i will take care of you. Mahima think herself if preesha finds doctor she know about bhuvan, Mahima phone to bhuvan to leave the city. Bhuvan asking to why, Mahima said preesh know everything about you so you must leave the delhi city. Then bhuvan decided him self stay in the city but he said to mahima ok to leave the city.

At station preesha decorated rudra room to celebrated valentine day, Rudra asking to preesha what is this. Then pressha said happy valentine day rudraksh, Rudraksh said me too. After that both preesha, rudra performing the dance and get into romantic mood. After that rudrash asking to how it’s happens, Preesha said i will asking to inspector special permission. Later inspector comes to jail and said to preesha i will arranged security to doctor. Then rudra asking to preesha what happen to doctor and preesha explains everything to rudra. After that preesha, rudra said to inspector must searching for fake rudra at agra highway areas because he hide me at that place.

Police inspector says yes. Later rudra asking to inspector i will come with you inspector. Then inspector said i will apply for permission once i will get it you went with us. Preesha return to home, Ahana asking what happen rudra. Preesha said to ahana police went to agra highway and informed to ahana i have urgent work so i will went outside. Ahana think herself what is the urgent work. After that yuvraj gets phone call from mahima and asking to him we met again. Then yuvraj reached where mahima is at that time he gets phone call from bank and know mahima taken his money retutn. Then yuvraj angry and said to mahima what he his done for her. At that preesha turn back side, Yuvraj shocked because it’s not mahima. Preesha asking to yuvraj you stay with us and work for mahima and asking to police please taken him to the station.

Yuvraj said to preesha i don’t know what mahima done with balraj. Then preesha asking to yuvraj how did you know fake rudraksh. At that time yuvraj said i will just imagine what mahima done. Later preesha said to yuvraj if you work for us you do not went to the station. After that preesha said to rudra please ready for tomorrow. Later ahana packs her luggage, Mahima asking to ahana where are you going. Ahana said to mahima from chennai my friend comes to here to meet me. Later mahima realized ahana said to lie to me because if she went to meet female friend why she packs men dress and phone to yuvraj and asking to him follow preesha, ahana.

Yuvraj said ok but he think if i follow preesha, ahana police catches me. Other end preesha, ahana reached the doctor and said to him you still in safe side. At that time presha getsmessage from inspector. Then both preesha and ahana reached the location where inspector is their. To know upcoming episode follow zeal study web portal.

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