YHC Written Update For 9 Feb 2022: Preesha Rejects The Offer

YHC 9 Feb 2022 Written Update for Episode 497 i.e Saaransh lawyer comes to preesha home and informed to her “Khurana School wants to give full scholarship to your daughter, ruhi. Preesha listen lawyer words carefully and think herself. After that rudra gets phone call and said hello. At that time preesha speaking other end and said you said, you do not want to see me and you are offering a scholarship to ruhi.

Rudra gets shocked and thinks himself. After that Beena return to preesha room when she crying and said her how are you related to rudraksha Khurana?. Then preesha reveals the truth i.e Rudraksh is my My Husband, Beena shocked. After that at home Rudra asking to saaransh how was your rohtak trip?.

Saaransh shocked. At home beena asking to preesha call and talk to him. Preesha phone to rudraksh, Saaransh lift the phone, Preesha said hello and asking to saaransh who are you?. At that time saaransh identified preesha voice and seen preesha photo. To know YHC upcoming episode alerts follow zeal study.