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YHC 8 December 2020 Written Update: Balraj khurana know who is saaransh

YHC 8 December 2020 Written Update begins with Preesha said sorry to rudraksh mom because of ahana. Balraj asking to preesha rudraksh know saaransh is your son. Preesha said when we married rudraksh think saaransh is my son but when mahima return rudraksh know the truth i.e saaransh is mahima son. After that all the family members feels sad, preesha asking to balraj because of saaransh you hurt your son but rudraksh fight with this world to save the truth. Then balraj think about saaransh and how he behave with him. At that time nurse comes to preesha and informed to GPS gets conscious.

Once they leave rudraksh mom said to her husband saaransh is our grand child. Mahima said to GPS i can’t do like this again, Nurse comes to GPS room said to the mahima, preesha and other members please leave him alone. Preesha said to vasudha we leave and you stay with dad. Then rudraksh comes to balraj and his mom and asking to them where are you saaransh, preesha. Rudraksh mom said GPS gets conscious and they went to met him.

Later rudraksh mom said to her son we know about saaransh i.e he his our grand child. After that balraj crying and said to rudraksh i am torture saaransh and hugs rudraksh. At that time preesha, yuvraj and mahima comes to balraj. Then balraj said sorry to preesha. At that time mahima said it’s to late and said to khurana family members once saaransh feel normal i will taken him with me. After that all the family members shocked. At that time yuvraj supports mahima and doctor comes to rudraksh and said to him saaransh operation successful. All the family members feels happy and said thanks to god. Once preesha met him asking to saaransh why did you do this. Saaransh explains what his friend akash.

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