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YHC 4 December 2020 Written Update: Saaransh write a letter ( I leave the house)


YHC 4 December 2020 Written Update begins with Rudraksh said to preesha i will promisted my brother can’t happen anything to Saaransh. Balraj saying to ahana i don’t know what happen in this house, Ahana says that mad women to do anything any time you must do something. Also, Ahana says because of mahima our khurana’s names get bad impression. Then balaraj asking to ahana you speak with rudraksh about mahima. Ahana accepted what balraj. GPS comes to home, Vasudha asking to GPS where is Saaransh. GPS hids the truth and said to vasudha both preesha, mahima played with saaransh. Then Vasudha asking how mahima.

GPS said she is alright. Saaransh comes his room, think about because of fake mom rudraksh, preesha fight each other and write a letter i.e i will leave the house and leave the house When saaransh leave the house yuvraj seen him and think him self at khurana home not ended the drama yet, comes to saaransh asking to him preesha, rudraksh know you at outside and said to him i will phone to preesha and informed to her about you.

Saaransh said i don’t go to home. Yuvraj asking to saaransh you escape from the home and asking to saaransh what happen between rudraksh, preesha. Saaransh said because of mahima i will escape from the house. After that yuvraj taken saaransh with him. Preesha comes to mahima room and crying to think what rudraksh said. After that preesha seen a letter which is written by saaransh and read the letter.


Yuvaraj asking to saaransh what happen at home. Saaransh said because of mahima both rudraksh and preesha fight each other. Yuvaraj said your real mom is mahima and leave you preesha. Saaransh said i can’t leave preesha. At that his friend akash comes to eat ice cream with his parents. Saaransh asking to akash who is she along with your father. Akash said she is my step mother.

Preesha shown a letter to rudraksh. Rudraksh asking to preesha please phone to your father, Preesha phone to GPS but Vasudha, Preesha informed to saaransh leave the house and write a letter to come your home. After that yuvraj asking to saaransh you must went to home. Rudraksh comeoutside from home and asking to security do you seen saaransh, he said no. Yuvraj taken saaransh to khurana home. Saaransh return to home, Rudraksh mom phone to hime, Both preesha and rudraksh return to home and hugs him.


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