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YHC 3 December 2020 Written Update Episode 124: Mahima Attempts Suicide


YHC 3 December 2020 Written Update For Season 2 Premium Episode 124. Yeh Hai Chahatein today episode begins with Ahana informed to yuvraj you must finds truth of mahima srinivasan i.e mahima to do acting like mentally unstable. Yuvraj says ok and starts searching for mahima files at his office. While searching the file yuvraj gets mahima srinivasan file, went to meet a doctor. After that rudraksh ready for concert, Saaranash asking to him my mom finalizing your dress, Rudraksh said this time i will choose my dress. Saaransh recognized something between rudraksh and preesha, thrown water on floor and informed to rudraksh and shouts mom.

Once preesha comes to rudraksh room, step on water and fallen on rudraksh. Rudraksh leaves preesha, Saaransh said to them i know fight each other, asking to rudraksh please given puppy to preesha. Then rudraksh given kiss to preesha. Later saaransh asking to preesha to do same. After that both preesha, rudraksh went to concert. Other end yuvraj met doctor, doctor said mahima mental condition is serious. Yuvraj phone to ahana informed to her what doctor said. Ahana said to mishka preesha said to us is correct.


After that saaransh to do somework, Mahima asking to saaransh what happen. Saaransh said tata comes to here taken with his home. Later mahima asking to saaransh let’s play game, Saaransh said no. Then mahima called son, Saaransh said to her i am not your son, your fake mother of me and leaves her. At that mahima gets dipreesion and holds knife and commit suicide. Saaransh listen mahima sound and comes to downstairs and seen her. All the khuran family memebers return from concert. Saaransh comes to rudraksh and crying. Rudraksh asking to saaransh what happen. Saaransh shown mahima to preesha. Preesha seen mahima. All the khurana family members shocked to seen mahima. Preesha asking to rudraksh went to hospital.

Balraj said rudraksh not comes to hospital, Then rudraksh phone to doctor, GPS comes to khurana’s home and seen mahima. Doctor comes to house and treatment started for mahima.


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