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YHC 27 November 2020 Written Update: Rudraksh Does the Right Thing


YHC 27 November 2020 Written Update begins with GPS phone to mahima, Mahima given phone to rudraksh and his said to GPS she comes with my house, he said sorry to GPS. At that time GPS asking to rudraksh must informed to me when she ready to return our home. Alia, Ahana and Saaransh waiting for rudraksh and phone to him. At that time Bhatia comes to balraj asking about rudraksh. Balraj said he his one the way. Bhatia said after lockdown this is first concert in delhi if anything wrong must face the problem. Ahana angry on bhatia, Bhatia decided to cancel concert and inform to audience due to some emergency this program cancel.

After that rudraksh informed to mahima must come with us. Mahima said no. Rudraksh says you father heart patient. Then mahima decided to come with khurana’s home. When rudraksh comes to home balaraj angry on him. Rudraksh informed about mahima but balraj says i don’t care what happen to her. Ahana aslo join with balraj and angry on rudraksh. Balraj asking to rudraksh who is preesha, saaransh. Rudraksh asking to his father don’t get them preesha, saaransh in this matter. After that rudraksh said to his father i will speak with bhatia, i will done concert for free.


Preesha said sorry to rudraksh because of mahima your concert is cancel. Rudraksh said don’t say like that, Preesha kiss him. After that yuvraj phone to preesha informed to her i have mahima bag. Preesha comes to main gate and holds mahima bag & asking to yuvraj let’s leave now. Yuvraj asking to preesha please say thanks to me. Preesha said because of you mahima done all this. After that preesha comes to her room and think about mahima.

Later both mahima, preesha stay at one room but when preesha wake up mahima not with her. Preesha search for mahima, Finally preesha seen mahima with saaransh and rudraksh room.


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