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YHC 2 December 2020 Written Update: Saaransh says mahima is my fake mother

YHC 2 December 2020 Written Update For Premium Episode 123. StarPlus Yeh Hai Chahatein Today episode promo begins with mahima and saaransh. Mahima called saaransh my son. Then Saaransh angry on mahima to called again as a son and shouts i am not your son, why did you return. Then mahima feels sad to listen that words.

After that saaransh asking to mahima why you return to home, please go way and said your are my fake mother. Mahima can’t understand why saaransh behave like this. Later saaransh leaves mahima. Then mahima sit alone think herself Saaransh said to me iam his fake mother, Seen knife in front her. After that saaran comes to down stairs seen mahima and shouts mom.

In previous episode rudraksh finds where preesha, mahima their and yuvraj escape from khurana’s house. After that rudraksh recognized what mahima, preesha did upstairs and rudraksh also try to do same but pressha asking him to stop.

Today Episode

Rudraksh asking to preesha why did you do this, if anything happens to you what happen to saaransh. Then GPS comes to upstairs, preesha said i will come downstairs. GPS said ok no problem i will come to here informed we will leave, asking to preesha you both alright because of mahima. Preesha said no i am alright and asking to GPS please mahima also stay with us.

GPS once again asking to both wife and husband. Rudraksh said she is doctor, preesha know everything about mahima health condition. GPS said iam asking you both not a doctor. Preesha said mahima with us. GPS said ok i am leaving, Preesha also went with GPS. Once GPS, Vasudha leaving the house preesha asking to rudraksh mom where is saaransh. She said saarash stay with mahima. Rudraksh went to mahima room and taken saaransh with him

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