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YHC 19 November 2020 Written Update: Preesha finally know why rudraksh leaves


YHC 19 November 2020 Written Update For Season 2 Episode 112. Yeh Hai Chahatein (YHC) 19th Nov 2020 Episode begins with yuvraj, preesha. Yuvraj try to blame rudraksh infront of preesha, preesha says get lost. Preesha try to phone rudraksh, yuvraj try to informed her who’s went with rudraksh but preesha come outside from the airport and think herself i will informed to rudraksh iam at delhi airport. Other end rudraksh comes to delhi airport, explains what he did.

Other end yuvraj come outside of the airport, said sorry to preesha and asking to preesha come with me in my cab. Preesha accepts, sit on the cab. When preesha sit on the car rudraksh entered the airport, seen preesha with yuvraj. After that both yuvraj, preesha leaves the airport and rudraksh follows yuvraj cab. After that preesha asking to yuvraj why you sit with me at backside of the car, Yuvraj says i can’t feel well if sit besides the driver seat.


Rudraksh asking to driver please overtake the car to tell the truth to preesha, Yuvaraj asking to preesha phone to rudraksh, preesha angry on yuvraj, says please stop your mouth. Yuvraj said to preesha if iam your husband i can’t leave alone. Preesha asking to cab driver must stop the car & yuvraj says sorry. Preesha think herself as soon as meets rudraksh. At home ahana given crackers to saransh, Shanthi asking to ahana why you given crackers to child. At finally rudraksh meets yuvaraj and beats him & preesha stops rudraksh and explains why yuvraj with her.

Later rudraksh asking to yuvraj leave the house. After that yuvraj says next time taken with you your wife. Later rudraksh hugs preesha and explains why he did like this. Preesha asking to rudraksh why did you do this and why leave me alone. After that preesha know about her sister


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