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YHC 19 January 2021 Written Update: Preesha finally know the truth from mahima

YHC 19 January 2021 Written Update for Season 2 Episode 164 begins with rudraksha said to preesha at any cost we fill find the truth from mahima. At that time preesha gets phone call from hospital and doctor informed to preesha about patient problem and preesha said solution to the doctor. After that doctor cut the call, Later preesha explained to rudraksh her plain. After that both decided to bring mahima to the home for festival. Then mahima gets phone call from GPS and informed to her tomarrow pongal so you along with saransh and rudraksh comes to my home. Mahima says no intially later GPS order to mahima at any cost comes to home. Rudraksh asking to mahima what happen. Mahima says dad asking to me and you along with saransh comes to his home and celebrated pongal.

Later Rudraksh said no to mahima. Balraj asking to rudraksh go to your uncle home. At home preesha asking to GPS mahima comes to home or not. GPS says at any cost mahima comes to home. Later mahima along with rudraksh and saransh reached the GPS home and once they reached preesha said sorry to mahima. After that GPS given gift to saransh i.e dress and Preesha asking to him let’s change the dress but saransh says no to her. Rudraksh asking to preesha don’t asking to saransh to change the dress. Later preesha said to mahima i will bring sweet for you. Yuvraj asking to mahima and rudraksh please sit. Later rudraksh met preesha and asking to her where is the medicine which is mixed into the sweet. Preesha shown medicine to rudraksh. Later preesha mix the medicine into the sweet to know the truth from mahima.

Later preesha given sweet which is mixed with truth serum to the mahima. Also, preesha helps to mahima to eat the sweet and think herself from now you will tell the truth. Once eat the sweet mahima feel unhealthy. Rudraksh, GPS starts the drama and Preesha asking to GPS and Vasudha let’s taken Mahima to the hosipatel. After that preesha, rudraksh taken mahima to the no mans land and asking to the mahima about truth and rudraksh starts recording. Preesha asking to the what are you doing with arjun and where he his. Mahima says arjun varma is my past love and i will kidnap his wife. After that preesha asking about goutham shukla. Mahima says how can i forget him and i will try to kill goutham.

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