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YHC 18 Nov 2020 Written Update: Rudrakash seen yuvaraj with preesha

YHC 18 Nov 2020 Written Update for Episode 111. Yeh Hai Chahatein Today Episode promo begins with yuvraj sit alone at airport. At that time he seen preesha at airport and asking her i mean you two must have come here together. Then preesha says we were here on our honeymoon but he left.

After that preesha said i’m wondering to seeing you here at airport, if he left because of you. Then yuvaraj think himself what should i do? should i tell preesha about her & when she would come to know who has come to meet her. Later rudraksh waiting airport, said himself the flight has already arrived, i hope preesha would’t have come out & seen preesha.

After that preesha went with yuvaraj, rudraksh shout preesha wait & he seen yuvraj with preesha promo. ends. To know today episode story follow zealstudy.

Today Episode Story

Yuvaraj wake up and searching for unknown person, realized she leaves the hotel. Other end preesha try to phone rudraksh. Other end yuvaraj comes to reception area and preesha return to her room and again phone rudraksh but he can’t lift the phone.

After that ahana asking to preesha mom what are you doning here. At that time preesha phone to rudraksha mom and asking to her rudraksh leaves the hotel and i don’t know where he his. Later ahana phone to yuvraj, Yuvraj asking to ahana why did you phone to me. Ahana says what are you doing with rudraksh because he his not yet hotel.

Yuvraj says i can’t do anything. Ahana says just preesha phone to my aunt and informed to them rudraksh leaves the hotel. Other end rudrakh travel along with unknow women, Preesha asking to receptionist shown CCTV footage. Receptionist says our cc cameras or not working. For more upcoming stories follow

After that rudraksh comes to home. Balraj, Ahana asking to rudraksh what happen to you. Then rudraksh intradued unknow women to family members

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