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YHC 1 February 2021 Written Update: Balraj finally know the truth because of mahima

YHC 1 February 2021 Written Update for Season 2 Episode 175. Today episode promo begins with balraj asking to mahima rudra bought the hospital. Mahima says yes uncle, I came to know about it today on discussing with the accountants. Also, mahima says he has transferred crores of rupees to buy the hospital. Other end rudraksh drive the bus to drop hospital employees. At that time preesha asking to rudra i said stop the vehicle. Then rudra said i don’t, Preesha says sure go ahead and again says i said stop the  bus. Then preesha hold the steering and asking to rudra please stop the bus

Rudraksh seen when vipul crying at hospital. After that rudraksh asking to vipul why are you crying and vipul explains his problem to rudraksh. When both are speaking each other suddenly hospital employee comes to vipul and asking to him if you need any help i will provided you but vipul says no, employee leaves the area. Once employee leaves rudraksh asking to vipul how did you know they, Vipul says it’s my own hospital. Later rudraksh said to vipul doctor preesha taking care of your wife so don’t feel fear both your wife, child is safe.

After that vipul asking to rudraksh about preesha, Rudraksh informed to vipul everything.  Later rudraksh said to vipul i will your hosiptal, vipul agreed. At office mahima check the accounts and asking to office employees why rudraksh spend so much of money. Office employees says rudraksh buy the hospital & mahima shocked. Other end ahana, mishka comes to hospital and entered her cabin, seen mahima in her chair and asked her. Mahima says balraj uncle given this position to me and i will arranged new cabin for you.

Later ahana, mishka went to her cabin and angry on mahima. At hospital Preesha asking rudraksh what are you doing here. Rudraksh says it’s my hospital, Preesha shocked. Then rudraksh informed to her i will buy the hospital. Later preesha said to him i will resign the job, Rudraksh asking to her compensation.

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