Yeh Rishtey Hain Pyaar Ke 9th September 2020 Written Update: YRHPK New Episode

YRHPK Yeh Rishtey Hain Pyaar Ke 9th September 2020 Written Update Hindi Serial Hotstar Telly Updates promo starts with meenakshi. Meenakshi said to both abir, mishti i will bring some good news for you, Mishti now you can became a mother because i meet one of the top surgeon. After that meenakshi something more to mishti but Abir stops her mother and asking her why are you torturing mishti again, We also meet some of the best actors. They told us to mishty can’t carry a child for nine moths. When abir speaks with meenakshi misht getting tensed.

Later meenakshi said to abir surrogacy, You and mishti will be the parents of that child but some one else will carry it. Once abir listen what his mother said abir stunned.

Yeh Rishtey Hain Pyaar Ke 9th September 2020 Written Update

Some twists happens yesterday episode i.e Mishti leaves the house, Abir starts searching at bus station and finally find out the mishti. Other end meenakshi starts the abir second marriage preparations.

  • Abir decided to leave the house, asking to mishti let’s leave the house. When abir went to upstairs meenakshi call to abir asking to stop adoption. Kunal enters the scene asking to her mom why did you say like this.
  • After that meenakshi asking to kuhu first time you know varsha is your stepmother how do you feel and ask the same question to kunal. But abir says he his behind me don’t ask this type of questions to him
  • Later abir says me and mishti tomorrow morning leave the house and says sorry to kunal because what meenakshi asking him, Vishambhar ready to went meenakshi house and asking to varsha i know you worried but as soon as possible we will seen good days
  • Other end mishti think herself because of me baday papa facing huge problems. Abir says he his your father so don’t feel bad. Mishti says i will speak with baday papa. Then abir phone call to vishambhar
  • Vishambhar asking to mishti how are you. Mishti says iam fine. Rajshri asking to mishti you promise me don’t do again such kind of things.
  • Then vishmabhar asking to abir and mishti iam want meet you. Abir says me and mishti along with kuhu and kunal come to your house
  • Other end kuhu asking to kunal let’s give me break for lunch. Kunal says i have work.
  • Koshlu asking to meenakshi how can use such kind of words on kunal. Meenakshi says don’t blame me because abir taken a decision to leave this house and i don’t have a option
  • After that koshlu asking to meenakshi because of baby you arranged second marriage for abir
  • Later abir asking to mishti why you changed your decision over adoption suddenly. Mishti asking to abir did you seen everything what happen in this house every day, If bring a baby to this house let’s think what happen to him
  • After that kunal reached meenakshi room and asking to her why did you think about abir, what he wanted. Meenakshi said to kunal let’s ask same question to your brother
  • Later kunal asking to meenakshi about second marriage of abir and grand child. Meenakshi explains her situation
  • Later abir and Mishti, Kunal and Kuhu went to vishambhar house. Abir asking to mishti must think about adoption.