Yeh Rishtey Hain Pyaar Ke 8th September 2020 Written Update: Abir, Mishti decided to adopt baby

Yeh Rishtey Hain Pyaar Ke 8th September 2020 Written Update YRHPK Telly Updates Today Spoiler starts with abir informed to mishti we will find our baby too. Mishti asking to we adopt baby. Kunal once listen what mishti said he feels very happy, Says that’ great bro. When abir, mishti performing adoption process suddenly meenakshi enters the scene created little bit drama, says Meenakshi Rajavansh can’t happening adoption process here. At that time abir getting angry on her mother, speaks with him mom like this ” You can’t love your own son & how can you love others. After that abir decided and says to her mom me and mishti decided to adopt a baby

Yeh Rishtey Hain Pyaar Ke 8th September 2020 Written Update

In yesterday episode mishti leave the rajvansh house, Abir reach the house searching for his wife but can’t seen anywhere in the house. Later abir asking to kunal, kuhu about mishti. Then kuhu informed to abir that is mishti leaves the house and went to baday papa house.

Abir photo to baday papa number, asking him to about mishti. Other end meenakshi consult udeshti regarding abir’s marriage. Few minutes later abir seen when meenakshi meets udesthi and Vishambhar asking about her daughter to meenakshi

YRHPK 8th September 2020 Written Episode

  • Vishambhar reached rajvansh house asking to abir where is mishti. Meenakshi said to mishti leave the house that is her decision. Vishambhar says if meenakshi not return the home with in 2 hours i will registered case on you
  • Later abir call to vinod asking him if any one registered train ticket in the name of mishti. But vinod says no sir. After that abir asking to kunal call to airport asking about mishti info, Kunal did the phone to airport but they says no one book a ticket in the name of Mishti
  • After that abir phone to bus stations across the city to know information about mishti. Other end Rajshri performing pooja to know the details of Mishti.
  • At that time kunal gets phone call from prakash. He his informed details cab driver. Then abir asking to cab driver where mishti leave the car. Cab driver given information to the abir. Then abir went to bus station
  • At bus station mishti sit alone think about abir and starts crying. Both abir and kunal reached the bus station and starts searching for mishti.
  • Finally abir finds mishti. Once find the mishti abir asking to her ok finally you decided to leave me, Ok go where you want to travel and leave the mishti alone at bus station. But mishti crying and running towards abir and hug him.
  • Other end varsha knows abir finds mishti, Varsha inform to vishambhar and rajshri.
  • Later Meenakshi meets udeshti given the jewelry and asking her asali varus. Udeshti asking to meenakshi about Gordhana. Meenakshi says after marriage.