Yeh Rishtey Hain Pyaar Ke 5th October 2020 Written Update: Abir vs Meenakshi

YRHPK Yeh Rishtey Hain Pyaar Ke 5th October 2020 Written Update on Zeal Study. YRHPK 5 Oct 2020 Full Episode released on Monday (Today) at one of the popular OTT app i.e Disney Plus Hotstar. Also, today episode air on Star Plus channel as per the schedule. Check today episode full story updates which mixed with twists and turns.

Today episode begins with abir, meenakshi speaking together but suddenly mishti falls on floor. Later abir comes from dream and think himself not intimated truth to mishti. After that mishti and nidhi hold a teddy, Nidhi said to mishti this is for kuhu. But abir said to her this is our baby and leaves the hall.

Both kuhu and kunal comes to hospital to check how baby grown. Parul ma recorded baby video when appeared the sonography monitor and think herself at this both abir and mishti is here they feel very happy.

Abir think about mishti if she know the truth what happen to her, Mishti reached the room and hugs him. Abir said to her i will check it if mom at her room or not.Kuhu, Kunal reached the home from hospital. Nidhi asking to kuhu please show the reports. Kuhu shown the baby sonography scanning photos to meenakshi. At that time abir saying to kuhu must show the reports to mishti it is the deal for you. Both meenakshi and kuhu shocked to listen abir words.

Kuhu given photo to the mishti but when mishti taken to the photo kuhu holds tightly, photo cut into two parts. Later went to his room and try to attached the photo but parul comes to abir room and shown a video which is recorded at hospital. After that mishti hugs her.

After that mishti prepared coffee at kitchen, Kuhu comes to the kitchen and asking to about nuts. Mishti says i will keep it at your table. At that time mishti went out from kitchen but kuhu hits mihsit leg, Mishti holds kuhu hands.

Kuhu starts crying and act like her hands injured. Kunal come from upstairs and asking to kuhu what happen. Kuhu explains everything. After that kuhu said to mishti i will scarify everything for you. Abir asking to kuhu you really sacrify for us. Kuhu says yes. Later abir said to her if anyone scarify something they do not asking anything return. Kuhu fells shocked and tensed. Abir asking to kuhu please say truth to me. Meenakshi shocked to seen abir behavior.

Later abir said to kuhu i know everything who manipulated you. If you say truth now everyone forgive you otherwise no one forgive you.