Yeh Rishtey Hain Pyaar Ke 30th September 2020 Written Update: YRHPK 30 Sep

YRHPK Yeh Rishtey Hain Pyaar Ke 30th September 2020 Written Update for today episode. YRHPK 30 September 2020 Full Episode now available for who had premium subscription.

YRHPK 30 Sep 2020 Episode begins with kunal, abir pack their bags to went to jamnagar company to check important files. Mishti asking to abir do you pack what you needed, he says yes. Other end kunal said to kuhu i don’t leave you along with mishti.

Mishti come to meenakshi room to given medicine to her. At that time meenakshi hold a photo of abir and kunal. Mishti informed to meenakshi maa here it is your medicine, both abir and kunal reached the company and sign on the paper. Also, mishti said to meenakshi maa i know what you did for this family it’s meaningful for us.

After that mishti leaves the meenakshi room. Meenakshi think herself mishti understands my situation, Kuhu did not understand my problem. Mishti went to upstairs, Kuhu speaks with deliver boy regarding butter scotch ice cream, Mishti listen kuhu voice and asking to her what happen. Kuhu says i want ice cream and order the ice cream but deliver boy still not deliver the ice cream. Mishti says ok i will bring the ice cream

Kunal phone to kuhu but she can not lift the phone, Abir said to him i think she sleep and mishti with her. Kunal said his brother that’s why i try to phone to kuhu. Abir angry on kunal. Suddenly kuhu phone to kunal and said to him i had bad dreams i.e some one following me and said to him i feel fear. Kunal asking her misht with me. She said no.

Abir phone to mishti but her phone forget at home. When abir phone to mishti kuhu recognized she forget the phone. Other end mishti searching for ice creams shop. Both abir and kunal return to home and asking to her how is now. Kuhu crying. Kunal asking to kuhu where is mishti. Kuhu said to abir she went to party All the family members wakeup and come to down stairs to listen abir and kunal voice.

Parul said to kunal wait once mishti return the home we everything. Finally mishti reaches the shop to buy the ice cream. Later parul recognized the mishti phone and given to abir. Later mishti return to home and abir asking to where you going now. Mishti said to him i went to bring ice cream because kuhu wants to ice cream.

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