Yeh Rishtey Hain Pyaar Ke 28 July 2020 Written Update: YRHPK 28 July

YRHPK Yeh Rishtey Hain Pyaar Ke 28 July 2020 Written Update for Episode 14. Abir says sorry to varun what happens varun brother photo. But varun replies it’s not an accident what happens now and said to abir just joke.Later they both discussing about both their brothers, varun said to abir ketki miss very much her big brother kunal and they both went inside. Later meenakshi & nidhi once again said sorry to varun’s mother because of what happen to the varun’s brother photo. Later varun mother ask to ketki please take your own time once you came to my home

Yeh Rishtey Hain Pyaar Ke 28 July 2020 Written Update

Varun mother ask to mishti why you ask abir to stay at home till the marriage over at that time parul join the conversation with varun mother and said to her ” due to some health issues both abir and mishti consulting the doctor”. Then Nirmala replies to parul this is rajkot not a small village, here also available good doctors. Then nirmala said to misthi please don’t understand me negatively what iam said to you is just understand what people think on you.

Later nidhi said to nirmal misthi parents leaving mishti when she is a child. Then nirmala said to mishti about their both families and values. Suddenly abir came inside and said something to nirmala. Later abir ask to varun mothers if any questions please ask me, don’t ask anything to mishti and mishti not safe in this house. But meenakshi suddenly said to abir please stop it & both abir, mishti went upstairs

YRHPK 28 July 2020 Written Update: Nirmala Said please stop the marriageĀ 

After that nirmala said to meenakshi every time abir says iam outsider so please stop the marriage, then nirmala went out side. Later nidhi, meenakshi try to stop nirmala. Then mishti said to abir i know you protecting me but they cancel the marriage, it’s your sister marriage how we leave the house we cancel the plan i.e we are not going to bangalore. Later abir says to mishti i cant protect you in this house. Some heat discussion between both abir and mishti abir suddenly reveled who is karan. Misthi suddenly shocked. Later abir realized it’s a flash.

Then mishti came to her room, ask to abir what your doing. Then abir said i will talk to varun mother & went downstairs. Later nirmala said to varun this marriage not happen. Later varun father said to his wife if marriage happen ketki came to this house not mishti. When abir went to meet nirmala ketki suddenly feel down, later varun brings the doctor to ketki house and check her, said about ketki pregnant.