Yeh Rishtey Hain Pyaar Ke 26th September 2020 Written Update: YRHPK 26 Sep

YRHPK Instagram Yeh Rishtey Hain Pyaar Ke 26th September 2020 Written Update. YRHPK 26 Sep 2020 Upcoming Story telly updates express

Abir asking mishti are you hurt because of kuhu words. Mishti says because of me kuhu facing the problems.
After that Abir says i know mishti how you taking care of kuhu when she gets the surrogacy reports, Also abir said mishti our baby is so lucky because baby have lucky mother. Mishti said baby had so so dad both parul and abir smiles.

Abir says mishti few months after we both get a baby after that we forget all these problems. Mishti says i will wait for that day abir smiles and given choclate to mishti, asking to mishti let’s go we will meets badat maa. Mishti said if kuhu needs anything?. Parul said to mishti i will be here if kuhu need anything i help her. Abir said to parul maa perfect and we will comeback early.

Kuhu speaks with her friend on phone, Parul comes to meet kuhu. Kuhu asking to parul maa please given to me dry fruits and said to parul i know mishti went to baday maa birthday party. Parul said to her they returned to home with 30 mins. Kuhu angry on parul and says because we can not go to meet baday maa just 30 mins.

Later parul said to kuhu if you need anything ask me i am at kitchen. Kuhu ok for that. Mishti and abir reaches the rajshri house, Mishti hugs rajshri, said happy birthday. Abir also wish her happy birthday. Later chachi brings the cake. Rajshri asking about varsha. Chachi said she is at room. After that abir, mishti, chachi along with vishambhar celebrates rajshri birthday.

Jaswi after cake cutting celebration speak about kuhu. Abir said at our home kuhu gets full attention and love. Varsha listen What abhir, jaswi speaks and think herself because of baby kuhu gets love, If once she delivered a baby she can’t the love from rajvanshi. After that kuhu friend speaks aboutgodh bharai. Rajshri also speaks with abir and mishti about godh bharai. Mishti says yes kuhu is pregnant we must celebrate for kuhu. Rajshri said mishti baby is yours so we celebrate the event both of you.

After that kuhu said to kunal i have milk shak. Kunal asked for why you said with me. Kuhu says i am informed to mishti but she went baday papa house to celebrate baday maa birthday. Kunal went to kitchen to prepare milk shake but suddenly abir and mishti come to home and asking to kunal are you prepared milk shake.

Kunal says yes and asking to abir i think mishti taking care of kuhu but she can’t. After that mishti open the frez, brings milk shake to kuhu and said to kunal i will prepared milk shake today morning. After that mishti said to kunal and kuhu baday maa celebrate godh bharai for us. Kuhu says no. Abir asking to kuhu what you want. Kuhu said i want to celebrate baby shower.

Later kuhu said to kunal both abir and mishti can not respect me. After that kunal asking to kuhu initially why you tell to mishti you don’t want surrogacy

After that Meenakshi meets with lawyer. Abir seen her mother to speak with lawyer. Meenakshi asking to kabir do you need anything. Abir says no and go to the kitchen, brings water to mishti and think himself why mom speaks with lawyer at midnight.