Yeh Rishtey Hain Pyaar Ke 26 August 2020 Written Update: Kuhu Injured Seriously

YRHPK Yeh Rishtey Hain Pyaar Ke 26 August 2020 Written Update Hindi Serial Telly Updates Spoiler/ Preview begins with Kuhu and Mishti. Both kuhu and mishti casually walk on the road. When kuhu speaks with mishti suddenly her foot step on the rock & slipped, fell down on the road. While kuhu fell down on the road one of the tree trunk fall on to the kuhu and leg, Kuhu injured, feels heavy pain and started crying. Then after mishti call to the abir started crying and explained entire situation to him which is happen to kuhu and asking his help. But this time abir can’t trusts mishti and kuhu and says i think again you played drama with me. Later kunal speaks withs mishti don’t came here.

Yeh Rishtey Hain Pyaar Ke 26 August 2020

In the previous episode abir and kuhu decided to go home and meenakshi given 12 hours time to mishti and kuhu to bring back abir and kunal to home and given their luggage. Both mishti and kuhu accepted what meenakshi said. Check today episode abir help to kuhu or not and why both mishti and kuhu come outside & where they going. Also follow for regular telly updates in Hindi

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YRHPK 27 August 2020 Telly Updates

Mishty leaves the abir room. When mishti leaves abir think himself we will meet tomorrow and i will wait for you, title track played when she leaves the baday papa house. In the early morning kuhu ready to meet the kunal but suddenly some one post the parcel. Kuhu open the parcel which consists magazine photo of her. After seen the magazine feels happy.

Other end abir phone to meenakshi asking to his mother like this ” maa did you says if we not return the home you will send out baday papa daughters. Meenakshi says yes and if you can’t leave the house, you both explain the problem about kuhu and mishti to me i will try to solve the issue. Later abir says you don’t send out of the house to kuhu and mishti and asking to his mother wait for till the kuhu and mishti realized their self.

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Other end mishti and kuhu went out from rajvanshi house and try to book cab. Abir try to make something at kitchen, Kunal come to kitchen asks abir bhai are you calling to mom. Abir says yes. Then after mishti and kuhu walking on the road and searching for taxi but they still can’t get taxi. At the time kuhu Injured seriously because of huge tree trunk fall down on kuhu leg. Mishti call to abir and asking to help. But kunal can’t trust what mishti says.

Abir think himself both mishti know we wait for kuhu and other end mishti searching for taxi but can’t get the taxi then she find 4 wheeler cycle & brings the cycle and sit the kuhu one that cycle

Varsha asking to kunal please speaks with kuhu. Kunal says they do drama with me. After that kunal gets call from hospital. Nurse said your wife suffering with huge foot pain and at the same time publisher phone to abir explain what mishti did. Later abir check the mishti location and realized mishti at hospital, Said with kunal this time mishti said truth. Finally abir and kunal, rishambar family came to hospital, seen the mishti and kuhu and feels happy.