Yeh Rishtey Hain Pyaar Ke 25 August 2020 Written Update: Meenakshi stops mishti, kuhu

YRHPK Yeh Rishtey Hain Pyaar Ke 25 August 2020 Written Update Hindi Telly Updates Meenakshi said to parul today both kunal and abir return to home, But suddenly parul seen kuhu and mishti and asking seen them to meenakshi. Once mishti, kuhu reach the home parul open the doors asking about kunal and abir. When mishti, kuhu steeping into the house meenakshi says don’t come inside and thrown their suitcases, says don’t come inside because your husbands not in the house. I will give 12 hours time to you ask yourself to abir & kunal to return to home other wise this doors close for you totally.

Yeh Rishtey Hain Pyaar Ke 25 August 2020 Written Update

Other end mishti mother and father discussing about what mishti and kuhu did at home. At the same time both abir and kunal listen what they speaking. After that bady papa said to abir i think meenakshi said correct regarding the incident.

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Other end mishti, Kuhu said to meenakshi i will try to return both abir and kunal to this house. Meenakshi asking to parul please seen their eyes, listen what these girls said, how can i believe. After that mishti says i promise you maa this time we must come with abir and kunal. Meenakshi says don’t say promise tomorrow afternoon tak drama khatam karo other wise you can watch what i will do.

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Abir says to bady papa don be afraid because both kuhu and mishti from begining on words behave like this. Baday papa says what happen to you not right but you can’t leave your home, stay here is not correct. Kunal asking his brother we went our home is correct choice, baday papa feel better then.

YRHPK 25 August 2020 Written Episode

Then baday papa asking abir and kunal & his wife listen what iam saying is both abir and kunal if stay here not a problem but meenakshi ji is angry on me, Meenakshi ji say speaks with me on if not abir, kunal return their home other wise sent outside to both kuhu, mishti from the house. Abir shocked then both brothers decided to return to home

Other end varsha call to kuhu says think about you, kunal life don’t think about abir & mishti. After that mishti reaches the baday papa house at midnight, reach the abir room. Then abir seen the mishti asking her what are doing here and explains what meenakshi says