Yeh Rishtey Hain Pyaar Ke 23rd September 2020 Written Update: Mishti gets new car

YRHPK Yeh Rishtey Hain Pyaar Ke 23rd September 2020 Written Update Hotstar abir and mishti spending some romantic time, Mishti says for health heart must eat dark chocolate. After that mishti says we must spend sometime with kuhu. Later kuhu think herself everyone enjoy at party. At that time kuhu seen meenakshi and asking about her pregnancy. Meenakshi says are you mad this is time and place to ask me about my promise. Kuhu asking her do you remember promise. Meenakshi says yes i will remember my promise but what you do now don’t repeat it otherwise you forget my promise. At that time mishbir seen kuhu and says to her i will went to pary but we will return very soon. Parul says both mishbir looking good and abir said to parul must taking care of kuhu

After that both mishbhir, koshlu attend the party. Kuhu think about meenakshi promise, Parul come to kuhu and placed bal gopal statue. After that parul given to kuhu childhood photo and kuhu surprised. After that kuhu and parul seen the abir, mishti interview. Parul says kuhu because of you both mishti and abir so happy. At that time ad agency sent mail to her if you can’t sign contract we will contracted with another person.

Day changed Kuhu do yoga, Kunal meets kuhu and said sorry. Abir said at that time kunal let’s do dance and entertain kuhu. Mishti says iam the person to entertain kuhu and shown movie tickets. At that time Koshlu asking to abir, mishti, kunal, kuhu must come outside. Once they come outside surprised because koshlu bring new car for mishti. Kuhu gets angry on mishti and said i can’t come movie. Later kunal says i will drive new car when iam attending the meeting

Later mishti asking to kabir why iam get this gift. Abir says ok i will speak with nanu. Nidhi asking to kohlu when he entered the house and said no one seen us and asking to him who will get 50 lakh cover. At that time kunal seen both koshlu, nidhi and said i will drive new car. Nidhi informed to Kuhu about FD and leave the kuhu room. Later kuhu think about this FD must be in the name of mishti. After that mishti come to kuhu room and asking about modeling. Kuhu gets angry on her. Mishti asking to kuhu you must modeling for maternity clothes

After that both mishti and kuhu exachage the words, Kuhu come downstairs and slipped. Abir brings the doctor, Doctor says she must taken the rest. Later meenakshi said kunal you must shifted from your room to parul room.