Yeh Rishtey Hain Pyaar Ke 1st October 2020 Written Update: Kuhu blames mishti abir

YRHPK Yeh Rishtey Hain Pyaar Ke 1st October 2020 Written Update on zeal study. YRHPK 1 Oct 2020 Full Episode today released on Disney Plus Hotstar. Premium Users know the full story of latest episode.

Parul speaks with mishti, Parul informing to mishti both abir angry on kunal because kunal said to kunal mishti went to outside to meet friends. Other end abir and kunal exchanged heat words in front of kunal. Kunal said to abir mishti don’t deserved what kuhu did for her. At that mishti entered to kunal room and asking to kuhu why your are silently listen when they are exchanging the words, you must say to kunal why iam went outside

But kuhu said to kunal i don’t asking to went outside to mishti to bring butterscotch ice cream. Later kunal said to mishti today morning kunal said to me she hates buttersocth ice cream so how she asking to bring same ice-cream. At that time mishti said to abir i think no problem with kunal because kuhu did wrong for me.

Kuhu crying, Mishti asking to abir let’s leave the room. Kunal said to abir just leave the room. Abir angry on kunal. Kunal said to abir please think about baby, leave the room. After that both abir and mishti leave the room. Later abir asking to mishti why you can’t bring phone. Mishti said to him no abir i will bring my phone. Abir given her phone. Other end kuhu think herself kunal with me mishti now onwords your downfall started.

Parul think about abir and kunal childhood days, Kuhu said to kunal we went to bal gopal mandir because baby. Kunal said to his wife because of me you accepted for surrogacy. Other end mishti also said to abir because of you accepted for surrogacy. Later abir and mishti went to kunal room, They notice kunal appointed nurses for kuhu. Abir asking to his brother why you did this. Mishti said to her i will takeing care of kuhu. Later kunal said to mishti you don’t meets kuhu because she don’t like you. Abir asking to kunal you said to mishti don’t meet her baby but kunal asking to both abir and mishti leave the room and close the doors.

After that parul asking to kunal you asking to mishti don’t want to meet her baby. Kunal said to his mother you still supported abir and mishti