Yeh Rishtey Hain Pyaar Ke 15th September 2020 Written Update: Kuhu returns home

YRHPK Yeh Rishtey Hain Pyaar Ke 15th September 2020 Written Update Full Episode Spoiler/ Preview starts with koshlu, nidhi, kunal, abir stands in-front of mishti. At that time mishti informed to nidhi baby come to this home soon. Abir said once baby come this home no one could not speak about surrogacy.  When abir delivered words about surrogacy meenakshi climb the steps, Suddenly stop climbing the steps started listening what his son said.

After that abir said to nidhi, koshlu iam went to vishambhar uncle home, ask to kuhu returns the home. Suddenly kuhu comes to rajvansh home, said hashtag good morning. Kunal, Meenakshi surprised kuhu presence at home.

Yeh Rishtey Hain Pyaar Ke 15th September 2020 Written Update

Mishti, Abir’s feels happy due to kuhu returns the home & mishti asking to kuhu please come to home but kuhu asking to mishti why i am not become surrogate mother. After that spoiler teaser ends.

Recap:- In previous episode Kunal revels the truth to kuhu, Then kuhu leaves the rajvansh home, Rajshri, Vishambar think about kuhu presence, Rajshri’s words, abir tries to diffuse the situation.

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YRHPK 15 September 2020 Written Update

Today episode begins with kunal. Kunal says i don’t kud ka defend karnay ka hak mera pass hei ya nahi. Lekin mei itna kahunga me tarika galat ta. Also, kunal says to vishambhar when started the discussion about baby at home we are not in normal situations

Initially mishti face the problem and abir, mishti leaves the house & mom attempts suicide, she is in critical condition. Now your in upset i want to seen smiles on your faces and i don’t understands kuhu feelings. Later kuhu enters the scene asking to kunal why abir and mishti pressure you, Why they don’t support you and why you sorry to me

After that vishambhar speaks with abir you must find the solution for this problem. Abir says yes, Vishambhar replaying to abir but i don’t know what meenakshi did.

Nidhi enters the meenakshi ward room try to clean the meenakshi things. Meenakshi says i will do this but you went to the home, informed to me what abir, kunal and kuhu, mishti did. Nidhi says it’s ok and meenakshi says don’t say to koshlu and ketki what iam saying with you.

After that nidhi leaves the hospital. Day changed all the family members sit at dining table silently. Mishti speaks with koshlu when me and kuhu fight with each other both kunal, abir come to my house. Koshlu says but meenakshi ji angry on them. Later all kunal, abir hugs each other, Nidhi informed to meenakshi

Other end Kuhu speaks with her mother varsha. Kuhu says about surrogacy, Varsha says kuhu if mishti stands your place i will fight for her. Kuhu says my mom world best mother. Varsha asking to kuhu go to your room and sleep well. Kuhu says ok, Varsha leaves the hall.

Later Meenakshi enters the Vishabhar home at midnight. Kuhu shocked once seen the meenakshi and asking her how can you leave the hospital. Meenakshi says doctors can not understand my problem. Kuhu says i know what you are saying me but iam sorry, I am not become abir, mishti surrogate.

At that time nidhi message to meenakshi i.e abir, kunal along with mishti went to kuhu house. After that meenakshi manipulate kuhu i.e i like you much that’s why iam asking you apology, please forgive me. Also, meenakshi says kunal come to here to bring the home and along with kunal abir, mishti come here. Later meenakshi says i know you can choose best option, i am trust you. Kunal enters the kuhu home and says thanks to kuhu regarding balcony incident.