Yeh Rishtey Hain Pyaar Ke 10th September 2020 Written Update: YRHPK Episode 52

Yeh Rishtey Hain Pyaar Ke 10th September 2020 Written Update YRHPK begins with meenakshi. Meenakshi speaks with abir about surrogacy, Surrogacy is legal in our country and know one don’t think about it badly. Abir replayed to his mom meenakshi about adoption. Even after adoption the child will be ours. Later it’s correct but do you have a chance to become father through surrogacy, He will be your own child. Then after abir strongly avoid meenakshi decision and said that your ways of thinking not mine & me and mishti will start the adoption procedure today. Meenakshi, Mishti once listen the abir decision gets shocked. Other end kunal phone to abir asking him to please come back soon.  Abir asking what happen kunal. Kunal says mom had sleeping pills. Abir and mishti shocked. To know that happen next follow

Yeh Rishtey Hain Pyaar Ke 10th September 2020 Written Update

In Previous episode mishti and abir come to rajvansh house, Meenakshi once again asking to abir about asali varas. But abir decided to leave the house. Kunal try to convince meenakshi but can’t listen her. Vishambhar phone to abir express his love towards to mishti. Later Kunal, Kuhu, Abhir, Mishti went to vishambhar house. Today complete written story updating…

YRHPK 10 Sep 2020 Written Episode

  • Vishambhar asking to mishti why are you feeling nervous, Also asking her to mishti are you sure can’t adopt the baby. Abir says she speak with me yesterday night about i can’t ready for adoption.
  • Later kuhu says it’s uncool decision. Mishti says i don’t say like that. Why because i can’t agree for adoption is abir mother can’t accepted
  • Vishambhar explains what he faced before mishti come to their house and said people speak so many ways but don’t think about it, Asking to mishti when you fell better then just listen what your heart said.
  • Later abir said i know mishti adoption is not solution but i am with you, We face the problems together and remember also with you both baday papa, baday ma their
  • After that mishti says yes abir you said correct. At that time abir gets phone call from social worker and informed to him our member meet you at your residence, Abir informed to same matter to Mishti.
  • Mishti says to her mother it’s to time went rajvansh residence. Both abir and mishti leaves the rajshri house. Other end meenakshi consult a doctor and explains mishti issue.
  • Doctor asking to meenakshi i will meet your son and daughter in-law. Meenakshi asking to doctor if you want their son i will make it. Doctor says not sign, i will meet both of them
  • Later meenakshi leave the house. Abir and mishti meet the social worker, Abir said i will shifted to another house, We meet their. Social worker leaves the house at the same meenakshi reach the house.
  • Both social worker and meenakshi collides each other. After that meenakshi speaks with mishti and said to mishti you don’t cry and said i will bring gifts for your child.
  • Abir asking to her mother why did you bring this gifts. Later meenakshi says mishti will become mother.
  • Meenakshi said to both abir, mishti i will bring some good news for you, Mishti now you can became a mother because i meet one of the top surgeon.
  • After that meenakshi something more to mishti but Abir stops her mother and asking her why are you torturing mishti again, We also meet some of the best doctors. They told us to mishty can’t carry a child for nine moths and went from their
  • Later kunal phone to abir informed to him mom eat sleeping pills, Please come to hospital. After that both mishti and abir reach the hospital
  • Once reach the hospital kunal and kuhu tries to convince abir rethink about surrogacy. Later abir and mishti meets meenakshi. After that meenakshi starts crying once seen mishti and asking to mishti apologize
  • Later meenakshi asking to abir and mishti please think about Surrogacy