Yeh Rishtey Hain Pyaar Ke 1 August 2020 Written Update: YRHPK 1 August

Yeh Rishtey Hain Pyaar Ke 1 August 2020 Written Update Today Episode. YRHPK 1 August 2020 Written Update for episode 18 begins with Abir. Abir think him self regarding what mishti doing varun brother while paining, Pick a letter from his table. But he his listen someone footsteps, cover a letter. Later ketki father came to abir room and ask him don’t leave rajkot but abir says mishti do not participate the ketki varun’s wedding. Then after kuhu try to send varun and ketki wedding updates but meenakshi came to kuhu room, said something false about misthi. But kuhu says meenakshi please listen to me. But meenakshi can not listen her voice, says mishti only abir wife in my point of view but you have to do what iam says but can not know others what we both do & can not send what we do to kunal.

Yeh Rishtey Hain Pyaar Ke 1 August 2020 Written Update

Then after abir asking to mishti how you feel now. But mishti says i don’t know karan is varun brother. Abir says what happens is happen don’t feel stress. Then mishti said to abir my self can not avoid varun and can not facing him what iam do now. Later abir says just iam talking with ketki father and tell him mishti not attend this marriage. After that varun came to abir house. Meenakshi ask him why did you came here. Varun says at home painting works are started, Before ketki came to my house i will arrange room with new look.

YRHPK 1 August 2020 Written Update

Later abir says something to mishti. Then varun ask to meenakshi how is mishti. After that abir arrange the mishti favorite breakfast i.e Poori. But mishti says we will go downstairs for breakfast. Then kuhu write something on a letter to mishti, try to post a letter.

After that varun says after karan death we are feel lonely. Then meenakshi says varun stay here in our home 2 days. Then varun asking to mishti why you are feel fear. Then parul asking to mishti how you feel now. Later abir says she is not feel well i will take her upstairs.

But meenakshi gets phone call then she leaves from dining hall. At other end kuhu try to post a letter. Then meenakshi asking to lakshman why did you call me but she listen door sound of abir room, said to lakshman stay on call. After that kuhu went to abir room, open his laptop then she listen the someone footsteps

YRHPK Yeh Rishtey Hain Pyaar Ke 1 August 2020 Written Update 

Kuhu listen someone footsteps realize someone came here, went outside from abir room. But meenakshi speaks with lakshman and said must meet mandar, ask the details of karan.