Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 15th September 2020 Written Update: Naira is pregnant

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 15th September 2020 Written Update Telly Update Express Spoiler out. YRKKH 15 Sep 2020 promo begins with kirti. Kirti suddenly entered the goenka’s house and starts crying. Naira asking kirti i.e what happens sister in law, why are suddenly here?. When naira asking to kirti karthik, akhilesh and his wife surrounded to her try to stops her crying.

Later Kirti reveled why she crying. The reason to crying is Naksh asked me to leave the house. After that aditya reach the goenka’s house speak with kirti i.e you have naksh with you, You can plan your family again & please give me my krish

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 15th September 2020 Written Update

After that naira warning to krish and said please stop your horrible drama and we don’t trust your drama, Asking him to get out from the house. Other family members asking to naira please don’t free stress and remember you are pregnent women. If you feel stress it effects on baby.

Today episode begins with naira. Nurse comes goenka house, check the naira. When nurse given injection to the naira kartik i don’t seen her. Later nurse says reports will given tomorrow. So we must consult the doctor.

At the same time kirti enters the house, Naira asking to her what happen. Kirti explains situation. Other end Naksh daadi asking to him please call to kirti come to the home. Naksh starts crying, speaks with daadi why every time happen to me.

YRKH 15 Sep 2020 Written Update

Finally kirti revels the truth krish is my son. Naira gets irritated because of this incident happens aditya. Kartik asking to kirti why every time troubles you. Kirti says aditya claims krish is his son. Daadi gets irritating once what kirti said. After that akhilesh wife says you and aditya gets divorce from you, After few months you married naksh. How can aditya says like this.

Naira once again asking to kirti you can’t tell us full story, Must informed to us what happen between you and aditya. Other end kartik says to kirti why don’t you feel fear, you don’t feel stress because you can’t do anything wrong must informed to us truth.

After marriage with naksh my friend insist me to come the birthday party of herand naksh can’t come with me, Aditya appeared in the party. At that i am try to leave the party but my friend ask me to stay till the cake cuts. After that i drink juice later i don’t know what happen to me

Later kartik says you don’t cry because we stand with you. After that aditya shown krish photos blackmailed me. Daadi says kirti you did big mistake because you hide this incident.