Yeh Rishta Hain Pyaar Ke 10 August 2020 Written Update: YRHPK 10 Aug

Yeh Rishta Hain Pyaar Ke 10 August 2020 Written Update Hotstar Full Episode. YRHPK 10 August 2020 Written Update Episode 25 begins with mishi. Mishti sit at pooja room, think about abir and ask kunal to call abir. Then after varun remove the mask, abir suddenly shocked and remembers past what varun did at his home. After that abir ask to varun what do you think, if you do like this every one know this, you can know everything but why did you do this. Varun says i know everything, Mishti hits my brother head, she is the murder. Abir says last three months onwords mishti try to say sorry. Varun says thank you but if you try to protecting mishti then both are went to jail.

Yeh Rishta Hain Pyaar Ke 10 August 2020 Written Update

Varun said to abir “mishti are finished”. Abir asks to varun you can think why mishti did this. Karan at that night drunk, miss behavior with mishti. At that time kunal try to call abir’s phone. Kunal says please sit i will try to call him, I think he had some work of NGO. Later mishti went from their, Kunal think him self why mishti behave like.

Later varun says please shut up to abir you can say anything to protect mishti. Abir once again said mishti is innocent, At that time she hits karan only reason is protect her self. Later varun asks abir if it is right why hiding this. Abir said to varun you love ketki. Later varun says thank you what abir did and abir says sorry for hiding the truth & no mistake from mishti only karan did miss behaving with her. Later varun said to abir if you both accept the truth in front your family i can’t accept the marriage with ketki. But varun said i will give chances to mishti to saying truth and i love ketki still but karan is my brother & asks abir for you mishti is important or ketki. Then varun leaves from their.

YRHPK 10 August 2020 Written Update Episode 25

Then after kunal came to his room and seen kuhu. Then kuhu asks what your doing. Kunal says yoga. After that abir hold the mask and saying about mishti to god. After that abir came to his home when kuhu asking to kunal regarding phone calls & messages. Then kunal asking to abir where did you came from. Abir says due to some work of NGO i went outside. After that abir went to his room think about ketki mehand and sangeeth if varun can not accept how can i convince him. Then mishti came and asking him everything is fine, where are you going. Abir says i went to meet someone. Mishti asks who is. Abir says chandini. Later mishti went outside, abir think him self i don’t have & how i can protect mishti and ketki.

Then day changed all prepared for mehandi. Abir message & call to varun but he can’t lift the phone. Once again abir try to call varun but mishti call him and shown her hand. Later parul asking to meenakshi till varun family can’t came here. After that abir asking this is sangeeth there is no dance performances. After that mishti and kuhu starts the performances. Then after varun enters the home with drums along with his family.