Yeh Jadu Hai Jinn Ka 9th September 2020 Written Update: YJHJK Episode 39

Yeh Jadu Hai Jinn Ka 9th September 2020 Written Update, YJHJK Episode 38 Promo begin with Aman asking to chunmun where is my son arman, Roshni starts crying. Then after chumnun smiles and said to both if you do not find your son with in five minutes he will be died. Then aman and roshni starts searching his son at their house. Suddenly they can seen something packed with net fall down from upstairs they think he his the arman and aman, roshni running towards it to catch but couldn’t catch it. To know complete story follow zeal study

Yeh Jadu Hai Jinn Ka 9th September 2020 Written Update

Previous episode aman, roshni try to kill chunmum but they failed, Reversely chunmun traps aman family and says every hour died one person from your family. To know what happen to aman family verify today story

  • Chunmun hold the dagger, asking to aman with this you try to kill me and said each hour one member died from your family. Aman and his family members shocked once listen what chunmun said.
  • After that chumun says once you are all died i will give your child to jinn. Both aman, roshni stunned. Later roshni with her magic asking to her son arman save us. Then arman listen what roshini asks him, Use his magic remove the net, All are shocked.
  • Then chunmun asking to her soul they all are died and smiles. Other side all the family members try to leave the hall but suddenly aman sister make some noise, Chunmum use net on her
  • Later aman sister sound like cat, Chunmun thinks her self it’ cat. Then roshni removes net which is spread on aman sister hand and leave the hall
  • Other end shayari, rehan try to phone aman but can’t works their phones due to signal problem. After that shayari asking to rehan let’s start the car. At that time rehan listen some sound, get down from the car to know what it is. But pomegranate fruits fall down from the tree.
  • At that time shayari seen spider which is comes towards her, But when spider reached pomegranate died. Then aman and roshni realized
  • After that roshini hold her baby, Aman decided to kept baby at save place. But chunmum close the doors with net. Roshini asking to aman what we do now. Aman asking to use magic, Roshni use her magic to remove the net but can’t remove the net, Both return back to room
  • Later rehan phone to aman asking him bhai at home have any Pomegranate. Aman ask him why. Then shayari explains everything.
  • Then aman family make Pomegranate juice and apply the juice every one bodies and once again try to kill chunman and successfully traped chunmun
  • After that chunmum asking who are you. Aman says we trapped you. After that daadi come to arman room but not yet his room. Daadi informed arman not at room. Aman asking to chunmun where is my baby