Yeh Jadu Hai Jinn Ka 7 September 2020 Written Update Hindi Episode 37

YJHJK Yeh Jadu Hai Jinn Ka 7 September 2020 Written Update Hindi Promo begins with Aman and Roshni went to chunmun room silently. But chunmun recognized their appearance, says to aman don’t get me angry and said your children sleep at room alone should i entrap the child as well. Both aman and roshni shocked what she said. Later roshni thrown dagger on chunmun but can’t happen to her. Complete story of Episode 37 provided here. Also to know upcoming serial stories follow zeal

Yeh Jadu Hai Jinn Ka 7 September 2020 Written Update

YJHJK 7 September 2020 Written Update provided here. Telly Updates lovers verify the today episode story and subscribe Hotstar Premium

  • Roshini asking to chunmun please leave my mom from the trap. Chunmun says don’t get angry other wise you will facing the problem and leave the room
  • Roshini try to magic on her but aman says do not do that and call to the rehan asking about jinn real name. But rehan explain the situation which is happen at cave, Later aman asking to shayari did you know about jiin. Shayari says to aman her jinn kamjori is ka dil hota hai
  • At that time rehan says we bring the teel to house. Roshni says do not come house because here situations too bad. So stay at outside and help us
  • Later roshini went her mother roon, Seen salma and starts crying. Aman aslo reached salma room, Roshini speak with her mother don’t bother about me i will solve the problem

YJHJK 7 September 2020 Written Update

  • Later Shayari asking to rehan now where we are going. Rehan says i don’t know but must find natasha
  • Other end pani poori wala reached aman house and said to aman shayari inform to me your family facing problems with jinn. Aman, Roshni, Tabeezi said yes
  • Then after Chunmun reached the hall asking to aman family what bring here. Pani Poori wala asking chunmun do you want one plate
  • But chunmun says it’s too bad and thrown the pot which consists pani poori soup and leave the place. Later pani poori wala given some box to aman.
  • After that natasha meets rehan, Aman try to open the box. Roshini said to aman i have only 1 hour. When aman speaks with roshini suddenly box converted into knife because of arman magic
  • Rehan speaks with natasha. Natasha said it’s natak.
  • Aman and Roshini try to use knife on chunmun, Open the door where chunmun is their and thrown knife on her but couldn’t happen her and said to roshini my heart not with me because i will hide at some place
  • Both aman and roshini shocked. Roshini asking to aman how to kill the chunmun, Tabeezi says i will get something and shown the crystal ball. After that crystal ball converted into heart shape
  • Later aman and roshni once again reached chunmun room, apply the heart on her.
  • After that Rehan phone to aman informed to aman at house two jinn souls is their