Yeh Jadu Hai Jinn Ka 5th October 2020 Written Update: Aman slaps ayan

Yeh Jadu Hai Jinn Ka 5th October 2020 Written Update on zeal study. YJHJK 5 Oct 2020 Full Episode today released on 6.00 AM. Who had premium or VIP accounts of Hotstar they check new episode before streaming on TV. Here below provided YJHJK 5th Oct 2020 Story.

Today episode begins with big twist i.e baazigar supported ayan, Both aman and roshni shocked. Before that aman thrown car on daadi and said to aman daadi destory my car i.e i will punish him. Roshni said she is your daadi.

Both rehan, shayari play with arman. Later ayan create fire trap around daadi because she destroy his car statue. But arman use his magic powers, destroy the fire trap. After that ayan use his magic on daadi then aman gets angry on ayan, slaps him.

After that ayan turned into kala jinn. Khan family members shocked to seen him like that. Then ayan try to use his magic on aman but roshni use his magic and created birds to divert ayan. Aman asking to tabeezi how to stop ayan. Tabeezi i will try it.

Aman phone to rehan to know about arman. Rehan said everything ok but arman use his magic on water tap and thrown water from tap. Then aman said to rehan what happen at home. Rehan said to his brother i think arman know everything what ayan did

Other side ayan use his magic on saima. Aman asking to ayan please don’t do that later ayan listen his father words. Other end shayari draw a line around arman with magic powder because do not entered the arman room. But rehan said to shayari if anyone alearedy entered room. Later rehan informed to aman chota baazigar stay with arman. Aman thinkabout himself and said to rehan i think ayan try to do something arman.

Later roshni recognized ayan not yet house. Aman informed to rehan ayan comes to your side please take care of arman. Ayan went on the car and think himself how to drive the car. Aman asking to ayan please come outside from the car. But ayan try to use his magic on roshni. Aman called to baazigar but baazigar supports ayan. Aman shocked. Ayan asking to aman how it’s happen and explain to aman how baazigar supported him