Yeh Jadu Hai Jinn Ka 5 September 2020 Written Update Hindi Episode 36

YJHJK Yeh Jadu Hai Jinn Ka 5 September 2020 Written Update Season 2 roshini recgonized chunmun suspicious works and said to aman. Aman says please be patient because we know who they, what she wanted and till that we will make her happy other wise chunmun can’t accepted to solve the 1st challenge. Also, aman said i have a plan to know what she wants. Roshini says what. Other end Jinn brother asking to shayari please help me to come outside from this bottle, Shayari try to open the bottle cap.

Yeh Jadu Hai Jinn Ka 5 September 2020 Written Update

Also, at that time rehan stops her and asking her what are you doing. Shayari says i will help him to come outside. Rehan says he his jinn ka brother, why he help us. Shayari says we help him and asking him to help us, Rehan said we suffering with jinn and if we help him he make us trouble

Other aman said only way to know what chunmun need i.e fear. Later roshini asking him how to do. Aman said to tabeezi prepared Sangemarmar. Tabeezi and other family members prepared Sangemarmar balls. After that chunmun traps sarah when she ready to went outside. Later aman informed to roshni chunmun is coming, Roshini thrown sangemarmar balls but chunmun stops walking

YJHJK 5 September 2020 Written Update

In the cave rehan and shayari discussing about jinn and say yes no but glass bottle fall down from shayari hands and shayari thrown the fork and hits bottle & jinn brother come outside from bottle. After that shayari asking him jinn real me. When jinn brother said something Natasha kill him with dagger both rehan and shayari shocked.

Other aman family members trying to use Sangemarmar balls and dadi asking to bring more balls to salma. But salma seen somthing and call to aman. Finally natasha meets rehan and shayari and rehan use his magic to come outside from the cave but his magic can’t apply in the cave. Natasha said your magic can’t apply here.

After that aman family members seen chunmun. Chunmun says you know iam the makhidi jinn. Later aman said i know how to kill makhidi jinn. Then tabeezi check ilmijinn, chunmun drag the ilmijiin from tabeezi. Roshni gets angry on chunmun

Once again aman try to kill chunmun at that aman recognized she is blind and dadi says still sarah can’t reach the home. After that aman asking to chunmun where is my sister. Chunmun says she is here. Then aman finds sharah