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Yeh Jadu Hai Jinn Ka 5 November 2020 Written Update: YJHJK 5 Nov 2020


Yeh Jadu Hai Jinn Ka 5 November 2020 Written Update for season 2 episode 87. YJHJK 5 Nov 2020 Episode promo released. as per the promo Roshni said to tabeezi you made a promise upon blood that until the night of the golden sun you wouldn’t bother me or my khan family.

Also roshni said to tabeezi that you wouldn’t trouble us but you broke your promise. Then tabeezi asking to roshni when she said about promise. At that time roshni says why you follows rehan. Tabeezi says what i follows rehan. Roshni says yes and you sent red spiders. Then tabeezi said only jinn sent red spiders, i am not jinn.

Also, tabeezi said iam not jinn, iam an ayaana. Later roshni asking to tabeezi if you did not sent red spiders who did sent. Tabeezi says that your problem and you find out who sent it. Roshni ok i will find out who sent red spiders.

Tabeezi Natasha Join Hands 

Roshni said stories to arman and after that she said to her son i will shown something to you and open the box which consist magic stick but suddenly roshni thrown the box. Other end rehan seen a photo of roshini, aman. In this photo roshni photo cut from the frame. After that roshni asking to tabeezi who sent red spiders. Tabeezi says i don’ know. Roshni says i will find out and leave the tabeezi room.


Once roshni leaves natasha claps and said to tabeezi you are a good actor. Tabeezi says natasha you sent red spiders, natasha smiles. After that daadi asking to rehan tabeezi sent red spiders. Rehan said natasha sent red spiders but i don’t tell to bhabi because she feels tensed. Also, rehan said to daadi if what we do don’t know to roshni.

Tabeezi said to natasha both rehan and roshni find who sent spiders and they do not focus what we do. Natasha says spiders what to do and with to do. Other end spiders reached the arman. Roshni said to aman sister do not say anyone i.e rehan life in danger.

At that time roshni finds spiders across the house. Rehan and khan family seen red spiders all over the house, daadi said to rehan we protect roshni. After that roshni seen qeen spider. Daadi asking to roshni are you all right. roshni says iam ok, roshni given magic stick to rehan.

Rehan use his magic on red spiders but don’t happen to spider. At that time rehan hits table and fallen on the floor. Later rehan said to spider comes to me but don’t do anything because spiders come for you. After that rehan and roshni realized spiders come for arman and went his room and holds arman in roshni hands and try to went outside.

Rehan use his magic but don’t apply on spiders, Roshni asking to aman what are you doing. aman said what to do. Rehan finds clue, roshni asking to queen spider asking me what you want.


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