Yeh Jadu Hai Jinn Ka 4 September 2020 Written Update: Armaan missing

YJHJK Yeh Jadu Hai Jinn Ka 4 September 2020 Written Update preview begins with Roshini along with her baby boy armaan went to her room. Once reach the roshini keep their baby on the bed and stand in front of mirror. At that time roshni turn backside what baby did but baby disappeared from the room. She gets shocked & speak loudly his husband name. Aman running into the room, asking to roshni what happen and where is armaan. Roshini said baby gayab hogaya. Both are recognized lamp is opened. To know complete YJHJK 4 Sep 2020 Episode follow zeal study and subscribe hostar premium.

Yeh Jadu Hai Jinn Ka 4 September 2020 Written Update

In previous episode aman and asking to jinn please leave our family. Jinn agree for that for one condition that is find his real name. Aman asking to Jinn how can i find your name. Jinn says i will give 3 lamps, You can solve the problems which is occurred in 3 lamps know my name.

Today episode begins with Aman thinking about jinn words and looking to open the 1st lamp with his magic but it can’t open. At that armaan starts crying, Dadi says please bring him to your side and Tabeezi asks aman to keep eye on magical lamp

Shayari, Rehan went outside to know about Jinn. Aman and roshini went her room along with baby and lamp. After that aman said to roshini how to find jinn real name with this lamp and i think jinn played games with me. After that armaan missing roshini recognized it. Roshni informed to aman armaan missing then aman seen lamp is open and listen some nonidentical voices. Later aman and roshni follow the voices and find armaan in some other hands

After that roshini bring back from old women hands, Aman asking her who are you. Old lady says i know you both very well and my name is chulbul and said if baby in my hand stops cryingl

Then aman asking to chulbul you come out from lamp. She said yes at that time aman family members come out side and listen what chulbul said. Roshini asking to her why you came here. Chulbul says tum logon ki sawalon ka jawab dene ke liye and asking to aman family i am hungry

Later dadi asking to sara please taken him. At that time chulbul holds sara hands apply some magic on her but sara can’t recognized. At that time rehan asking to shayari do you find anything, Shayari says yes and shown fork to rehan. But rehan angry on shayari, taken fork from her hand and thrown away but fork stands in the air try to given the signals to them. Shayari sayys we follow the fork.

Later dadi bring the food to the chulbul but she gayab from their, Dadi shocked and other end shayari, rehan follow the fork and enters the jinn cave and finds jinn brother