Yeh Jadu Hai Jinn Ka 3rd October 2020 Written Update: YJHJK 3 Oct 2020

Yeh Jadu Hai Jinn Ka 3rd October 2020 Written Update for season 2. YJHJK 3 Oct 2020 Written Episode begins with roshni and aman searching for baby rooh. Roshni tensed about baby rooh. After that aman and roshni went to kitchen and shocked to seen replica of aman. Later realized both aman and roshni baby rooh turned as a aman. After that baby rooh said good morning to his parents, asking about arman.

After that tabeezi check magic book how it’s happen to baby rooh and said to khan family because kala taz he his grownup in single day. Then roshni said i think he don’t do anything bad for all of us because he arranged breakfast for all. Then tabeezi said to roshni what you are seeing today not true because he his now kala jinn. Aman asking to tabeezi what we do now. Tabeezi said to him after 3 days baby rooh turned as a kala jinn and he get full powers of kala jinn.

Other side sarah went to kitchen to made tea, try to drink but suddenly tea cup fly and, tea fallen on Sarah. Later roshni and other family members comes to kitchen and asking her what happen. Then baby rooh said to roshni i will prepared tea to drink my self but they drink my tea with out my permission, Asking to his family i will prepared for breakfast for us let’s had breakfast. Khan family says ok. But suddenly shayari asking to roshni come outside from the kitchen.

Once she meets the shayari she said if baby rooh turned as a kala jinn he had 3 gunas. Tabeezi explains is 3 gunas to khan family. Other end baby rooh shown his angry khan family. After that rooh asking to khan family i will prepared breakfast but you not comewith me. Roshni said tabeezi needed some help that’s why we are here.

Baby rooh asking to roshni you says lie with me. Aman says yes, we planned surprised for you. After that aman arranged Play Station for baby rooh. He played a game on it, Aman asking to him how it is. Rooh said nice but i will play with arman.

Roshni asking to aman he his playing games. Aman said yes but baby rooh want to play with arman. Rehan said to his brother i will bring outside to arman. At that time rooh asking to roshni i will play with arman. But roshni said i will planed surprise for you

Later roshni planned to celebrate baby rooh birthday. At birthday party roshni named ayan to baby rooh. Otherside rehan and shayari try to went outside along with arman. But ayan recognized someone running behind him. Then ayan asking to roshni where is rehan and shayari. Aman and roshni says diffrent answers to him and he recognized they said lie to him.  Then he went outside to check what happen outside. Later roshni said come inside